Amazon Prime Video UK – what you need to know

Amazon Prime Video UK

Amazon Prime Video has become one of the biggest video streaming services in the UK in recent years, launching to rival the likes of Netflix, with a little bit of a different offering to the other streaming giants.

We’re going to run through what Amazon Prime Video is, how you can sign up and what you get access to through the Prime video channels.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime video series

The Amazon Prime Video app is a paid-for subscription service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your Smart TV, mobile device and tablet, as long as you have an internet connection.

Amazon Prime launched initially in 2007 as a delivery service, Amazon Premium, offering an unlimited one-day delivery membership programme to its customers who subscribed for a fee.

While it continued to roll out various platforms and provided various services through its online platform, Amazon launched what is now known as Amazon Prime Video in 2014 as Amazon Prime Instant Video – and was instantly available to those who were already a customer.

In 2022, Amazon still offers a huge range of products from its online store and next day delivery, as well as instant-streaming services for music, films and TV shows – all at a reasonable price.

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How much does it cost?

Amazon Prime Video is included as one of the many services available to Amazon Prime members, which still also includes the next-day delivery, Amazon music and more. The service costs just £7.99 for a monthly subscription, or you can opt to pay for the year at a discounted price of £79.

There is also an option to pay for just a Prime Video subscription, which costs just £5.99 per month.

Amazon still offer a free trial to new customers to try out Prime Video channels, among its other services, which is useful for people unsure if they want to pay upfront without knowing what they’re getting.

The trial period lasts for a cool 30 days, too, giving you plenty of time to check out all the Amazon channels through a range of categories, genres, Amazon originals and exclusives.

Amazon Prime Plans

  • 30-day free trial
  • Yearly
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Thousands of popular movies & TV shows
  • Acclaimed Prime Originals and live sports
  • $79/365 days
$79/365 days
Min Cost - £79 over a year (works out at £6.58/mth)

Monthly Subscription
  • 30-day free trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Thousands of popular movies & TV shows
  • Acclaimed Prime Originals and live sports
  • $7.99/mth
Min Cost - £7.99 over 1 month

Buy or rent on Amazon Prime Video

Another key feature that sets Amazon apart from other major streaming services is the ability to buy or rent movies and TV shows on your Amazon account, with instant access to stream your purchase instantly.

Due to an Amazon Prime subscription including next-day delivery on thousands of items across various categories/genres, and Amazon’s ability to provide customers with access to movies and TV shows that aren’t free with Prime Video channels, it’s definitely worth signing up for an account.

If you purchase a title on Amazon Prime Video, they remain on your account permanently, meaning you have access to them to start watching whenever you want, whether that’s on the web, TV or mobile device.

What’s on Amazon Prime Video?

The Amazon channels available to customers have forever been expanding and now include a wide range of movies, TV shows, Amazon original series and live sports for you to watch. Amazon accounts can also buy and rent movies not readily accessible to the streaming service by simply using the search function to find specific titles you want to view, or check out what’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video this month.

Popular TV shows: Included with Prime

Prime Video channels are easy to navigate and Amazon have made it easy for the customer to know what’s included as free to watch with their Amazon account.

The streaming service has easy to follow categories, genres and suggestions on the home page, and includes the close menu categories/genres such as ‘Included with Prime,’ taking you to all the content you can access for no extra charge.

Popular TV shows that are Amazon exclusives include the former Top Gear stars’ new show, The Grand Tour, Man in the High Castle and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens among others.

Other shows include classics such as Lucifer and more recent hits such as Star Trek spinoff show, Picard, starring Patrick Stewart in the lead role.

Movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video availability depends on the time, as some titles are available for a period of time for free, before moving onto being able to rent or purchase.

Movies currently available to watch on Amazon include the final Daniel Craig James Bond blockbuster, No Time to Die (as well as the Bond movies Craig was previously in) and Guillermo del Toro’s critically acclaimed Pan’s Labrynth.

Movies are easy to navigate with various categories, genres and recently added titles constantly being updated. The top categories include Action and Adventure, Comedy, Top-rated and Amazon originals and exclusives.

Sport on Amazon Prime

In recent years, Amazon has acquired various broadcasting UK rights to show sporting events live and on demand, providing customers with even more choice to watch exclusive sports.

Amazon have broadcast various tennis events in recent years, including action from the ATP and WTA world tour, Autumn Nations rugby union and acquired the rights to live midweek Premier League football matches in 2019. All events are shown live, with full replays and highlight shows available too.

On top of live events, Amazon has also produced original sports documentaries across various sports, with exclusive fly-on-the-wall series All or Nothing, showing behind the scenes action from Premier League clubs throughout the entire football season – with Manchester City, Tottenham and more all featured.

The sporting documentaries also take you behind the scenes of some of the biggest NFL franchises, Rugby Union international sides and the NHL.

Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Amazon has become home to a whole host of popular TV shows, reality TV and documentaries in recent years. From Amazon originals and exclusives with sports documentaries mentioned above to popular documentaries like Clarkson’s Farm with Jeremy Clarkson and countless options for the top categories/genres such as true crime and reality TV.

Amazon Affiliates, trending categories/genres

There are various other apps and platforms available through Amazon affiliates such as Shudder, Eurosport and BFI Player, with each collection coming in at its own price.

While Amazon channels such as Shudder, Eurosport and Funimation require an added subscription pack, you can pick and choose which individual ones you pay for. The prices range from £1.49 to £9.99, with the average price coming in at around £4.99.

Amazon often show varying collections in other categories; Travelling, Tense TV and Movies and Leading Women are three of the latest, giving you a slightly different option for choosing your next film or TV series.

Amazon Prime members’ benefits

Amazon Prime members benefit from a range of different features and options that extend far beyond the most popular TV shows and movies.

With unlimited one-day delivery on millions of items, streaming benefits such as Prime Video Channels, Amazon music, grocery shopping, Prime Reading and unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos, a Prime subscription offers each customer more than enough for the subscription price.

Compatible devices

Amazon Prime subscribers can benefit from accessing their streaming service account through various channels, such as on the Amazon website, on Smart TVs, mobile phone devices and tablets. Amazon Prime Video is available on iOS and Android devices and is free to download.

The app is also available to download on your favourite games console, such as PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox devices.

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