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CHILI TV has arrived in the UK and offers something different

Ever wondered what it would be like if Netflix sold movies and TV series individually? Or if Amazon Prime did away with their subscription fee and service? Or they started to sell merchandise and direct you towards your nearest cinema?

Enter CHILI TV – the streaming service with a difference that launched in the UK last year. With a unique spin on the ‘new normal’ of streaming TV in our modern world, CHILI TV offers customers more options than other streaming services, completely subscription free.

There’s more, too, with no more worrying if your favourite TV series will be removed from your subscription service – the things you buy on CHILI TV are yours to keep. It’s the real deal.

We’ll give you the breakdown of quite possibly the best alternative to the popular streaming giants, what you can watch and more.

What’s in this Guide?

What is CHILI TV?

CHILI TV was created in Italy way back in 2012 and has slowly amassed a giant library of film and TV series with backing from some of the biggest names in the film industry: Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

Everything in one place

CHILI offers instant access to your favourite films and TV shows, the same way as Netflix, but there’s absolutely zero price to open a CHILI account. Instead, you pay for the films you want to watch and can watch them whenever it suits you.

Furthermore, CHILI TV is more than just a streaming service. If a film you’re looking for isn’t available on the service yet, they’ll guide you to your nearest cinema and even provide you the showtimes for it.

If that wasn’t enough, CHILI even sells merchandise for your favourite film! Whether it’s a branded mug or a T-shirt, CHILI has capitalised on combining streaming with merchandise in a clever way.

To top it all off, even though you can access your account from your Smart TV or the CHILI app on any compatible device, they’ll even send you the DVD or Blu-Ray of any film you’ve purchased. So it really is an all-in-one service.

Search for any TV shows or movies

How much does it cost?

Save money with no monthly subscription fee - and look out for the best deal and your favourite film

CHILI not only offer streaming services with a difference, they do it at a competitive price, too. While Amazon Prime offers a similar kind of option for films not available via their subscription, you still have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for your Prime account. With CHILI, you only pay for what you watch, giving you more control over your budget and your choice of film and TV.

Most films to purchase on the platform sit around the £2.49 mark, with newer releases sitting a little higher as you would expect. Though they often run flash sales and other Chili streaming deals, with many popular films available for just 99p for a limited period – and some films are available for free rental from time to time, so it’s definitely worth it to sign up!

Rent or purchase?

CHILI offers a lot of its movies and films for purchase or rent, with renting obviously a cheaper option if you’re checking something out for the first time.

Purchasing a title means that it’s effectively yours forever, offering you a bit of protection that other platforms don’t – that it’ll be removed from the service.

By renting, you have access to the title you’ve purchased for up to 28 days, but if you start playing the movie you start a 48-hour window in which you’ll have to watch it before your access is removed.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some titles, like the brand new releases, won’t be available to buy at all, but you can watch them before you can catch them anywhere else with Chili’s unique links with film companies.

Where can I watch CHILI TV?

Catch latest blockbusters like Uncharted on CHILI

CHILI is available to log in via PC on a web browser, Smart TV and Samsung TV, Android and iOS and more. The CHILI app is available through any device and you can access your favourite films to stream at home and on the go.

Among the various companies offering on demand streaming services in the UK, CHILI is certainly a deal not to be missed.

What can I watch on CHILI?

Check out recent movies such as The Northman on your TV or Mobile device before anywhere else

Bring the cinema to your home with options to rent and purchase all the latest releases straight to your home TV or device. With TV shows, Hollywood hits and obscure classics from decades of world-class cinema, CHILI has a something for everyone.

There’s no surprise it has received rave reviews from movie lovers around the world, with the site available in Canada and other international territories. Here you can explore new shows and movies on Chili TV.

Movie Premieres

See Jared Leto as Morbius via the CHILI app

Missed the latest blockbuster at your local cinema? (If you didn’t, CHILI will sign post where you can watch it, anyway.)

CHILI offers an excellent option for the latest titles coming from the industry, with the likes of Marvel’s Morbius and Viking story The Northman both available to rent directly to your account.

While some of the movies cost up to £15.99 to rent, there’s great value for money with other titles available at £3.49 – before they’re even available on other streaming services.

Recent movies

Play Spiderman: No Way Home by renting or purchasing through CHILI

Movies fresh out the cinema are also available on the site to purchase or rent – for example, the Tom Holland hit movie Uncharted is currently available to purchase for £9.99 and £3.49 to rent. You can even download your movies to your chosen device and watch offline, perfect for those long road trips or (if you’re lucky) aeroplanes!

Vintage movie choices

Film buffs can play classics like Hitchcock's North by Northwest on CHILI

The website is set up to browse with ease, as the streaming service has categorised its movies in multiple ways – most popular, recent releases, Cannes Film Festival hits and more.

Another unique attraction to the true film fan is the plethora of older films that aren’t necessarily picked up by streaming service providers. There are a huge number of pre-sixties films such as North by Northwest and Rio Bravo, among others. You can search the huge library with ease by using a number of options, and time period is one of them – so get ready to delve into movie after movie on your new favourite film website.

TV series

As with other providers, CHILI offers a huge range of TV series for you to sink your teeth into, too. Depending on the programme, you may have to pay for each individual series through the app, but once again CHILI is spoiling you for choice.

Recent HBO classics like True Detective and Euphoria are available on the website, with various price points for when you purchase. It’s worth noting that the price for some of the series is akin to buying the DVD, often sitting around £13.99 per season.


Of course, what’s a streaming service without a kids section? CHILI offers a great range of kids shows and movies through its service, with your kid’s favourite title from Dreamworks, Disney and more all available.

CHILI offers a number of kid’s freebies in the app and online, too, so the whole family can benefit from your account.

Other streaming services to try

If CHILI isn’t quite your thing, be sure to check out the range of other streaming platforms available in the UK. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus all bring something different to the streaming world, so check out each of them to see which is the right fit for you (or, like many film and TV fans – download them all).

Our opinion is that CHILI is definitely a worthwhile deal to keep your eye on – the sign up is free, it has great reviews, the app offers something a little different and who knows? That elusive favourite movie of yours might not be available to stream anywhere else. Looking to explore and discover more streaming options? We’ve listed other streaming services you can try.

To explore more streaming options, you can compare and contrast each streaming service on offer.

All your streaming services in one place

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