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BT TV has a long pedigree in the UK television market. And while the name will be familiar to many, they’ve undergone a regeneration of sorts in recent years. At the core of it all has been their continued involvement in the sports market, with BT Sport offering some of the best sporting action from at home and abroad. While they don’t challenge Sky for the sheer amount of content that the latter has, BT has focused their offerings around what people like – and they’ve experienced a resurgence as a result.

What Makes BT TV Package Bundles Unique?

BT offers a range of different packages, which are dived according to areas of interest. As we said, sport is definitely the jewel in the crown, but they’ve got plenty to offer everyone – from sports junkies and folks who can’t tell their basketballs from their footballs. BT TV has a perfect blend of included and on-demand content, meaning you’ll have some great options to start with but will be able to order/borrow extra titles if something catches your fancy.

One thing to remember is that BT TV is delivered through broadband so you’ll need to take both BT TV and broadband. This is great news in the sense that you’ll save money by rolling two services into one, you’ll be unable to take just the TV. So if you’re already happy with your broadband, BT TV might not be the provider for you.

What are the Best Features of BT TV Packages?

  • Save more on broadband with these TV and broadband bundles that all come with super fast fibre broadband
  • Comes with Stay Fast Guarantee — Get the speeds we promise you, or £20 back
  • All bundles include BT line rental
  • All bundles come with Recordable TV Box — Record up to 300 hours of TV
  • Broadband bundles come with BT Virus Protect and BT Cloud storage, as well as Parental Controls for kids

Compare BT TV Packages

BT TV is one of the British providers who has partnered up with set-top box manufacturer YouView. This gives you access to all of the Freeview stations in addition to the extras provided by BT. Whether you’re just getting TV packs or TV and broadband bundles, you’ll get the YouView Recordable TV box across all plans. This set-top box gives you access to catch up services like BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub and All 4 and lets you pause/rewind shows, not to mention record up to 300 hours of TV.

In effect, there are really only three BT TV packages: Classic Bundle, Entertainment Bundle, and Max 4K Bundle. Good news is, all these bundles come with super fast fibre broadband that has an average speed of 50Mb. Each plan also comes with a ‘Stay Fast’ Guarantee, which gets you the speeds as promised or your £20 back. Let’s take a closer look at what each TV and broadband bundle has to offer.

BT TV Packages

  • VIP
  • 24 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Watch all the Sky Cinema channels with the NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass (RRP £11.99 per month)
  • Get everything from the Big Sport and Big Entertainment packages
  • $65/mth
Min Cost - £1,589.99 over 24 months (incl. £29.99 upfront fees) + Broadband cost starting from £27.99

Big Sport
  • Big Sport
  • 24 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Big Sport + fibre broadband
  • Get everything from the Sport package
  • $40/mth
Min Cost - £989.99 over 24 months (incl. £29.99 upfront fees) + Broadband cost starting from £27.99

  • Sport
  • 24 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Sport + fibre broadband
  • All four BT Sport channels and BoxNation included
  • $15/mth
Min Cost - £389.99 over 24 months (incl. £29.99 upfront fees) + Broadband cost starting from £27.99

  • Get £6/mth off for the first 6 months.
  • Entertainment
  • 24 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Package includes the NOW TV Entertainment Pass (RRP £9.99 a month) and AMC.
  • Watch Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Discovery, Comedy Central and more with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass
  • For the first 6 months $6/mth
For the first 6 months $6/mth
£12/mth thereafter
Min Cost - £281.99 over 24 months (incl. £29.99 upfront fees) + Broadband cost starting from £27.99

Classic Entertainment
  • Classic Entertainment
  • 24 Month Contract
  • Set-top Box Included
  • Entertainment TV + fibre broadband
  • Watch Comedy Central, Discovery, Gold and more premium entertainment channels
  • $10/mth
Min Cost - £269.99 over 24 months (incl. £29.99 upfront fees + Broadband cost starting from £27.99

Classic Bundle

The Classic bundle comes with every Freeview TV channel, along with BT Sport in standard definition and fibre broadband connection with 50Mb average speed. The latest movies and boxsets are available on this package but will need to be rented ‘on demand’ from the BT TV Store. There’s also access to extras, which are external streaming apps like Netflix, and specific Music and Kids apps. You also have the option to throw in a second box if you want to watch BT in two rooms. This bundle also includes BT line rental on a 24-month contract.

What channels are included in the Classic Bundle?

TV Pack IncludedChannels Included
Classic TVBBC Four HD, AMC, Dave, E4, Channel 4 HD, ITV HD, BBC One, CBBC HD, ITV Be., BBC One HD, BBC Two, More 4, BBC Four, Aljazeera, AMC HD, ITV+1, BBC News, ITV 3, BBC Two HD, QVC, Channel 5, 4 Music, ITV 2, Challenge, Channel 4 + 1, FILM 4, S4/C, Sky News, Channel 4 HD, ITV 4, 5 Star, Five USA, Five +1, Pick, E4 +1, Channel 4, Really, AMC, BBBC Alba, CBeebies HD, ITV 2+1, BBC One, CBeebies
BT SportBT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN

Entertainment Bundle

For just the an addition five dollars on the Classic Bundle, you can get up to 20 extra premium channels with the Entertainment Bundle. This means that on top of channels like AMC and BT Sport, you can get access to premiums like National Geographic Channel and E!, plus loads of other channels for hit US shows. Same as with the Classic bundle, this package also includes the YouView Recordable TV box, fibre broadband, and the Stay Fast guarantee.

What channels are included in the Entertainment Bundle?

TV Pack IncludedChannels Included
Entertainment TVAMC (via opt-in), E!, National Geographic Channel, Universal Channel, Gold, MTV, SyFy, Comedy Central, W, Discovery, QVC, CBBC HD, Animal Planet, BBC 1, BBC 2 HD, History, Yesterday, Crime+Investigation, BBC 2, More4, TLC, BBC 4, Sky News, ITV +1, BBC News, ITV3, Channel 4 HD, E4, Eurosport 2, Aljazeera, Channel 4+1, Alibi, Channel 5, Dave, BBC Alba, ITV2, Challenge, BBC 1 HD, FILM 4, Quest, 4 Music, CBeebies HD, S4/C, Five +1, ITV HD, ID, Pick, E4 +1, Channel 4, Really, Five Star, Cbeebies, BBC 4 HD, Lifetime, ITV2 +1, CNN, Box Nation, VICE
BT SportBT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN

Entertainment Extra Bundle

The final bundle, the Entertainment Extra Bundle, gives you HD versions of some of the best channels including AMC, National Geographic Channel, BT Sport, and more. Once you’ve made the switch to the sharpest and clearest definition available, you’ll wonder how you ever watched something else. For just another 5 bucks on top of the Entertainment bundle, you’ll get access to these plus fibre broadband with Stay Fast guarantee, YouView’s Recordable TV box, BT line rental, and BT TV App Extra, which gives you multi-room viewing and downloads across several devices.

What channels are included in the Max 4K Bundle?

TV Pack IncludedChannels Included
Max 4KAMC HD, CNN, Channel 4 HD, AMC, ITV HD, Animal Planet, SyFy, SyFy HD, CBBC HD, History, ITVBe, Eden HD, MTV HD, BBC One, BBC 1 HD, Crime+Investigation, CNN HD, Discovery Science, BBC 2, More4, TLC, BBC 4, Comedy Central Extra, History HD, Aljazeera, Discovery Turbo, TLC HD, National Geographic Channel, ITV +1, BBC News, ITV 3, BBC 2 HD, E4, Eurosport 2, MTV Music, Gold, E! HD, QVC, VH1, Alibi, National Geographic Channel HD, Alibi HD, Channel 5, BT Sport Ultimate, Dave, 4 Music, Gold HD, TCM, Discovery HD, Comedy Central HD, MTV, ITV 2, Challenge, E!, Channel 4 +1, Film4, S4/C, Sky News, History 2, Animal Planet, Lifetime HD, National Geographic Wild, ITV, ITV 4, Eurosport 1, 5 Star, 5 USA, 5 +1, MTV Classic, TCM HD, Movies 24, History 2 HD, Crime+Investigation HD, ID, Pick, E4 +1, Universal Channel, Universal Channel HD, Channel 4, Really, Comedy Central, Quest, ITV2 +1, National Geographic Wild HD, BBC Alba, W, W HD, BBC 4 HD, Yesterday, Dave HD, Discovery
BT Sport + HDBT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport ESPN, BT Sport 1 HD, BT Sport 2 HD, BT Sport 3 HD, BT Sport ESPN HD

Can I Watch Netflix with BT TV?

Yes, you can. Netflix is available across all of YouView’s set-top boxes for BT TV, which includes the basic TV Box, the Recordable TV Box, and the 4K Recordable TV Box.

If you’re an existing subscriber, simply log on via the Netflix app to watch on your TV. But if you happen to be a new user, you can sign up on the spot and even have it as part of your BT TV package for an all-inclusive monthly bill.

Watch BT TV On the Go

Want to watch your favourite shows on the go? Simply download the BT TV app, which you can use across a wide range of devices. After downloading, you can then enjoy the premium channels you’re subscribed to (excluding Sky Sports and Sky Movies), as well as set recordings to watch on the go. On top of that, you can also pick up shows where you left off and stream what you’ve bought on the BT TV Store, whether you paid through your set top box or online.

The great thing about this is that it’s available across all customers with BT TV subscriptions and comes at no extra cost. Start watching instantly using the app as soon as you’ve finalised your plan with BT TV.

BT TV Customer Service

BT’s automated phone service is available at 0800 443 311. BT have a live chat function which you can use as well. They’re open from Monday to Friday at 8am-9pm, Saturday 8am-8pm and Sunday 9am-6pm. They’ve also got a relatively extensive set of FAQs covering all of their services on their site. Other aspects of dealing with the company such as accounts and billing, or making a complaint, can all be done online.

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