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ITV's online streaming platform - what is it and how do you watch?

One streaming platform after another has revolutionised the way we watch TV in the UK, with the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime all offering paid subscription services for people to have access to the TV they love and to watch anytime they wish.

Other TV networks have followed suit, offering their own online streaming platform for TV fans to watch their favourite shows at a time that suits them – and the ITV hub was one of the first.

The ITV hub website initially launched in 2008 as an online-only platform, where people could access their favourite shows via their web browser – and of course, ITV has kept up with the times and the offering now is in line with the best online streaming services – boasting over 100 million streams per month in 2021, it’s here to stay.

Viewers can watch top telly any time and pretty much anywhere – we’ll tell you how.

What’s in this Guide?

What is ITV Hub?

ITV Hub is the streaming platform and app from the TV broadcaster

Unlike streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus, the ITV Hub is a free TV player for the general public to watch anytime. This means there’s no need to submit too many personal details (including, of course, any bank details!) and you can watch all the ITV shows you want with zero charge.

How to watch the ITV Hub

Access to the ITV Hub is available through the ITV website or the ITV Hub app through your Smart TV, or on any compatible device. The options once you’ve opened the hub are to ‘sign in’ or ‘sign up.’

The free sign up process is simple enough, requiring just name, post code, date of birth and an email address – then you set your password and can start watching all your favourite shows on all ITV’s channels.

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ITV Hub+

In late 2016, ITV announced that a new, tiered streaming service called ITV Hub+ would be offered to customers. ITV Hub+ gives viewers the option to purchase a subscription in exchange for ad free television streaming, the ability to watch on multiple devices at once and the added feature of downloading shows to watch offline.

ITV is the only network in the UK that offer this kind of additional, paid-for service and the price is just £3.99 per month. With no lock in contracts and the ability to cancel anytime, you can catch your favourite series completely ad free.

What’s more, ITV Hub+ offer a 7 day free trial to customers, so you can check out the likes of Family Guy and binge whole seasons of Love Island for free before you decide to buy.

It’s worth noting, however, that although ad free viewing is offers as part of ITV Hub+, some programmes (including live shows) will still show adverts due to copyright agreements. ITV Hub+ is exclusive to the UK, too – it was formerly available in Europe but has since been removed due to UK leaving the EU.

Compatible devices

The ITV Hub is available on multiple channels, live and on demand, from pretty much any device you like! With the app available on PlayStation, Xbox, Apple and Android devices, you’re stuck for choice with options.

What ITV shows can I watch?

ITV shows have long been lauded for their production and variation of programme, and some of the top telly coming out of Britain in recent years has come via ITV. The likes of drama shows such as Broadchurch have helped launch the big screen careers of Oscar winner Olivia Colman and its family shows such as Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway have won multiple awards throughout the years.

Add to that the live sports on offer and its long-running soap operas and ITV really does have some of the biggest shows on telly.

ITV dramas

Catch the best dramas for free with ITV Hub

Gritty British dramas and ITV are a match made in heaven. From Broadchurch to Angela Black, ITV love a good crime drama – and they’re good at it.

Look out for the recent hit The Thief, His Wife & A Canoe – based on a true story – and, according to ITV, one of the ‘grittiest shows’ they’ve ever had later in the year.


Coronation Street is the longest running soap opera in the world

ITV is home to some of Britain’s longest-running, award-winning soaps such as Emmerdale and Coronation Street, which you can now catch on demand on the ITV Hub. Emmerdale first broadcast way back in 1972 and you can even watch old series of the Yorkshire drama on the Hub.

Coronation Street began even earlier, debuting in 1960 and created by Granada TV, and in 2010 became the world’s longest running television soap opera – a feat it is continuing to add to.

Reality TV

Love Island was the biggest viewed show on the ITV Hub in 2021 - the final episode had 3m viewers

Another massive category for ITV is reality TV – with more people every year viewing the likes of Love Island and I’m a Celeb. American reality shows have influenced ITV offerings such as Real Housewives of Jersey, which has also proven a massive hit with its UK audience.

ITV2 hit Love Island amassed over 5 million viewers for its final in 2021, including over 3 million who caught up on demand via the Hub. And you can watch all the ITV shows – including all past iterations of your favourite series – at the touch of a button.

Hit shows such as Dancing on Ice have also been long-running hits on the network, so you’re spoiled for choice with reality TV.

Family TV

Light-hearted family TV has been a mainstay of UK telly for decades already, and ITV is still at the heart of that. Shows such as Saturday Night Takeaway and Family Fortunes are still some of the most watched prime-time shows around, with family programmes on throughout the week, every week.

Comedy shows

Family Guy is and American Dad are regularly broadcast on ITV

ITV shows a series of comedy shows to get your laughs in. Big American hits like Family Guy and American Dad have found a welcome home in the UK on ITV’s channels, and signing up to ITV Hub means you don’t have to miss an episode.


ITV will once again co-host the World Cup with the BBC

ITV is a huge broadcaster of all kinds of international sport in the country. From watching the home nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland take part in the Six Nations to World Cup action, the ITV Hub has it all.

ITV will once again co-broadcast coverage of the World Cup in Qatar (alongside the BBC) when it returns in November this year – being played in the winter months for the first time.

From football to racing, ITV is a top channel for sport. Catch regular horse racing, men and women’s football and more, all for free, live and on demand, with ITV Hub.

Daytime TV

ITV’s daytime telly has been a staple of British TV since, well, the dawn of TV. In recent years, Good Morning Britain has woken up the country with hosts Ben Shepherd, Kate Garroway and formerly Piers Morgan.

Multiple daytime shows are favourites of the UK public, with Dickinson’s Real Deal and various emergency services shows airing throughout the week.

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