Netflix UK - Streaming Service for TV and Movies

Last updated May 25, 2022

Netflix UK - Streaming Service for TV and Movies

Netflix was first to the streaming scene. It pretty much singlehandedly put video shops to the sword while simultaneously killing off the drama events each week on terrestrial tv.

Due to its meteoric rise, Netflix has cultural clout, with references to password sharing, binge-watching and, of course, the concept of Netflix and chill all known entities within Netflix’s semantic field.

Netflix is still the most widely used and popular streaming service worldwide, with over 225 million subscribers. A monthly subscription will gain unlimited access to a world of entertainment on the streaming service.

What’s in this Guide?

Netflix: Movies and TV series

The streaming giant offers a vast library of films, documentaries, and tv programmes, from old favourites and classics to more recent releases, including original content.

Netflix is placing a huge emphasis on producing content on its own, trying to recreate the successes of original series like Narcos, Stranger Things, or, more recently, the meme-like phenomenon of Squid Game.

Netflix released many films last year, hoping to win some Academy Awards and gain prestige within the movie industry. The Power of the Dog was one of the Netflix titles nominated for Best Picture. While it didn’t win, it reflects the aims of Netflix as a film company – producing content of a high calibre for viewers.

The wide variety of feature films and tv series makes Netflix the standout subscription service. Netflix consistently seeks to expand its library to make sure people watch Netflix instead of its competitors like Disney Plus, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime.

So, whether it’s award-winning stand-up specials, groundbreaking documentaries, or the Adam Sandler collection that keeps bringing in new subscribers, you’ll be sure to find a film or tv series to enjoy on Netflix.

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How to Watch Netflix

You can watch tv programmes and movies with your Netflix account. Watch instantly on the Netflix website from your pc or on any internet-connected device that offers the Netflix app, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles.

With your Netflix account, you can watch as much programming as you want, so take advantage of their services without seeing a single advert.

If you know you won’t have an internet connection, you can download some of your favourite shows to watch offline.

This means you can watch offline while travelling or visiting a different country.

Netflix is available in the UK, along with over 190 other countries worldwide. However, bear in mind that Netflix’s library of content varies from country to country. So, what’s available in the UK may be unavailable in certain countries like the US or Canada, for example.

How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month?

Netflix is not a free service – you have to pay monthly subscription costs.

Netflix increased its prices in March 2022. In the United Kingdom, there are three different subscription options for viewers:

  • £6.99 per month: This is the cheapest membership that allows subscribers to watch on one device at a time in standard definition.
  • £10.99 per month: This is the standard, most popular subscription. Viewers can watch in HD and on two devices at a time.
  • £15.99 per month: This third, more premium option allows viewers to watch in Ultra HD on four devices at a time.

While Netflix no longer offers a free trial, there are still other Netflix offers you can take advantage of from time to time.

What’s On Netflix?

Netflix is an absolute dream for fans of TV and film. In fact, there is so much choice that scrolling through the options can be time-consuming in itself.

Netflix groups its content into various categories to make it easier to find what you want, but the sheer volume can be intimidating to the criminally indecisive.

Fortunately, the site uses cookies to collect information about your viewing habits and leverages sophisticated technology to recommend more of what you like. Big fan of anime? Netflix will learn this and highlight all its best anime content for you.

Nevertheless, it’s still nice to get recommendations and be aware of what’s new on Netflix. Let’s run through some of the best content out there on Netflix UK:

TV Programmes

Thanks to its original content and partnerships with some of the world’s biggest production companies, Netflix has a plethora of tv programmes to enjoy from the past and present.

Whether you’re after an animation comedy or a gritty drama, you won’t be disappointed with the options available on Netflix. Here’s a glimpse of what’s popular right now:

Netflix adds new tv programmes all the time, so each time you sign in and visit, you’ll be treated to new shows to explore. However, this is a streaming service, and you don’t own the content – every now and then, you’ll also find Netflix removes tv shows from the platform.


Whether you’re a feature film aficionado or a light-entertainment enthusiast, you should be able to pick out a movie when browsing through the categories on Netflix. Whatever your mood, scroll through the movies on Netflix and pick out a cracker to unwind at the end of the day. Here are some of the most popular movies on Netflix in the UK:

Documentary Films

Netflix is home to many award-winning documentary films. These feature films offer insights into a wide variety of intriguing life stories and topics for the curious viewer. What will you delve into?


The rise of the docuseries is one of the biggest streaming trends over the last few years. It seems that viewers just love to immerse themselves in true stories of crime and corruption. However, Netflix’s docuseries collection goes far beyond the tales of famous killers and court cases. Here’s a sample of what’s available:

What Devices are Compatible with Netflix?

Pretty much any device you can imagine s compatible with Netflix. Netflix works on PCs, Macs, mobile devices, streaming devices, game consoles, smart TVs, and so on.

In addition, most TV networks in the UK incorporate Netflix into their set-top box, either as a channel or an app accessible from a homepage.

Nowadays, streaming services like Netflix are seamlessly integrated into most devices.

How to Sign Up to Netflix

Netflix sign up step 1

Simply head to and follow the easy sign-up instructions.

Netflix sign up step 2

Subscribers need a valid email address and a credit or debit card to go through the sign-up process. Link up your email, choose a password, and then you’re good to go – you can start streaming all of that awesome content.

Netflix sign up step 3

Netflix allows users to have up to five different profiles on one Netflix account. This is where whole families can use one paid subscription to watch Netflix through password sharing.

When you create a profile, your viewing activity is saved as cookies are active, and Netflix’s recommendations are personalised to you.

You can also create profiles for children with parental locks to control what they can watch.

Will Netflix Introduce Advertising?

As of now, you get unlimited access to all content on Netflix with your monthly subscription without ever seeing a single advert.

However, it has been in the news recently that different subscription options may include some location-based ads by the end of 2022.

The rumour is that Netflix will offer a cheaper-priced ad-supported tier for subscribers.

Are There Alternatives to Netflix in the UK?

Yes, there is plenty of choice for streaming services in the UK.

One of the main benefits of Netflix is the broad range of exclusive content available on the platform. However, other streaming services have been bringing out their own content in recent years.

Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Apple TV have great exclusive content. add links when ready

If you’re a dedicated Disney fan, then Disney Plus is an option, while patriotic supporters of British TV can opt for a BritBox subscription. add links

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