BT to Expand Mobile Service by Launching 5G in Autumn

5g mobile

BT plans to introduce its 5G services across its mobile customers this autumn. By the end of the year, the rollout of the faster, more efficient network is expected to cover the busiest districts of around 16 cities. When it does, BT certainly establishes itself as one of the UK’s biggest forces in 5G.

The news of BT planning to expand their mobile services through 5G comes after BT-owned EE, the country’s largest mobile operator, announced that it would be the first company to offer 5G services. EE’s 5G rollout has already begun last May, starting in six cities which include London. 

All-New 5G Mobile Network

Starting this autumn, BT mobile customers will have the option to upgrade to the faster, more advanced 5G. With the latest network, mobile browsing, gaming, and streaming will be experienced in their most excellent speed. No complete and definite coverage has been set yet but with BT’s massive infrastructure and resources, the 5G launch is definitely going to happen soon. 

BT Plus customers, specifically, will be among the first ones who can take advantage of the telco’s 5G offerings. The company would also be the first provider to offer 5G as part of a bundled mobile and broadband plan. BT is already the country’s biggest mobile and broadband provider. Together with their unique programming, its launch of the new 5G network will further solidify its status as one.

Getting the BT Plus

BT Plus combines Fibre and 4G together, delivering the most reliable connection at home and even when you’re on the go. More importantly, BT Plus customers will be the first ones to have the option to upgrade to BT’s soon-to-launch 5G network. With the broadband and mobile package, you get superfast fibre, 4G mobile, bonus mobile data, and the peace of mind knowing your connection is secured even if your broadband gets interrupted. Should your fixed internet stops working, BT will get you back online instantly and send you a Mini Hub at no extra charge if you report the issue. The Mini Hub makes use of BT’s mobile network to connect your devices while your broadband is getting fixed. 

Mobile Data Boost

Signing up to BT Plus gets you an extra data for live streaming or video gaming at no extra cost every month, allowing you to stream and download more without worrying about data limits. You’ll receive double data across all your mobile plans on your Plus account, free each month. So if you have a Family SIM, that only means the whole family gets a free data boost, too. With BT Plus, you’re able to maximise everything that BT has to offer, saving you money in the long run. 

5G Service Availability

5G will be available in the busiest parts of 16 cities in the UK. Mobile customers from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol will have access to BT’s 5G before the year ends, the former telecoms monopoly said. 

Checking BT 5G Coverage

Once the 5G network launches, you can use BT’s online coverage checker to know if you’re in a 5G-coverage area. Simply enter your postcode to check. While waiting for its rollout, you can always use EE’s coverage checker to have an idea of what BT’s coverage will be like. EE already offers 5G services and it’s expected that BT’s coverage will be the same as EE’s.

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