Introducing BT Sport Ultimate — Everything You Need to Know

The advent of High-Definition and Ultra-High Definition has revolutionised the viewing experience for everyone, improving sound and picture quality dramatically. BT Sport has long been known for adopting all these excellent tech specs, both in visuals and sound, and once again BT has outdone themselves. Recently announced, BT Sport Ultimate is a brand new channel which will bring the crispest resolution and the best sound quality to the eyes and ears of UK football fans.

BT Sport Ultimate delivers images at a super-fast 50 frames per second, resulting in a sharper image that is usually reserved for real life. The picture is delivered in ultra-high definition (UHD) and high dynamic range (HDR), the latter of which is the first time UK viewers have ever had access to such brilliant clarity (outside of real life, of course!).

But it’s not just a feast for your eyes. The accompanying sound on BT Sport Ultimate will be provided by Dolby Atmos, a superb sound quality which matches the corresponding excellence of the images. It’s another leap forward in coverage – and it will only be available for BT Sport subscribers.

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What makes BT Sport Ultimate different?

BT Sport Ultimate is the future of watching sport and fortunately for UK residents it’s available right now. Rolling out before the upcoming football seasons, BT promises to continue expanding and improving on the platform as the season continues.

BT Sport Ultimate replaces BT Sport 4K UHD, which already delivered one of the country’s best viewing experiences for sports fans. BT Sport Ultimate is available to subscribers for the BT Max 4K TV package, which is BT’s top-of-the-line deal.

While BT Sport subscribers – i.e. those who go directly through BT TV themselves – will have access to BT Sport Ultimate, so will Virgin Media users who have taken a BT Sport package. Virgin Media subscribers can watch BT Sport Ultimate on channel 531. A spokesperson for BT TV said the technology would soon be expanded to all of BT’s partner organisations.

What sports are on BT Sport Ultimate?

BT Sport Ultimate will extend HDR coverage to their football coverage across the season – primarily the Premier League, Champions League, and Europa League. As yet, not every game will be shown in HDR, but BT has promised that the majority of the games they screen in the upcoming season will be broadcast in HDR. The first game to be screened on BT Sport Ultimate was Manchester City versus Liverpool in the pre-season Charity Shield, which won rave reviews from sports fans across the country. 

BT Sport has secured the rights to screen 52 Premier League matches in the upcoming season, as well as exclusive rights to broadcast the Champions League and Europa League – from the knockouts all the way to the finals. BT Sport will also be sharing the FA Cup rights, with some matches screened exclusively and the final shared with the BBC.  

How to watch BT Sport Ultimate?

BT Sport Ultimate is available to BT Sport subscribers who have the Max 4K package. While the announcement has just taken place, the rollout is still ongoing and is not yet complete. As of yet, the specific features you can access will depend on how you watch. 

The Dolby Atmos sound quality will be available to viewers on their home TV sets, available on channel 433. The incredible HDR resolution will at this stage be available primarily on mobile devices – i.e. smartphones and tablets – before being rolled out to all devices screening BT at a later date. To watch, simply use BT Sport’s mobile app.

BT Sport on the BT TV mobile app

BT TV’s mobile app is free for BT TV subscribers, letting you watch all of the content available on your home set from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The BT TV app is one of the best in the business, not just because it brings all the best sporting content with you in your pocket but also due to its mobile functionality. The BT TV app links with your BT box, letting you continue watching a show on your device exactly where you left off on your TV. You can also use the app to program your BT box to record shows you want to watch. 

Virgin Media subscribers

Like BT Sport itself, BT Sport Ultimate is available through other providers like Virgin Media. On Virgin, BT Sport 4K UHD will become BT Sport Ultimate – and will be available on channel 531. Virgin Media offer all five BT Sport channels, while Virgin TV Go – which is their mobile app – runs four BT Sport channels live. 

BT Sport has the Ultimate Sports channel

BT Sport Ultimate represents a considerable step forward in both sound and picture quality. While the rollout is not yet complete, given the competitive nature of UK TV currently – particularly with regards to sport – this is not something that BT would be likely to sit on for too long. BT TV has given viewers a sneak peek into the future of sporting coverage – and it’s crisp, clear and brilliant! 

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