Freeview Broadcast Signal Changes Across the UK Continue

Freeview TV channels

Some airwaves used by Freeview will undergo reallocation to pave the way for new mobile broadband services and its development. This comes after the UK government’s decision, which entails updating transmitters across the country as part of a significant engineering programme. 

As a result, Freeview users may need to retune once the changes start affecting their TV access. The update is to be carried out region by region and is expected to conclude in 2020. Among the areas to experience signal changes this month will be Cumbria, south-west Scotland and South Lakes. Users from these areas will need to retune their TV set to continue watching shows. 

Preparing for the Freeview Broadcast Change

To prepare users for this significant change, Freeview will be implementing an information campaign that includes advertising and on-screen messages. There will also be a modification in the line-up for Freeview channels broadcast after every transmitter update. Moreover, additional transmitters will be updated in the next two months. As soon as this takes place, users will be reminded to retune their television equipment. 

Retuning Freeview Broadcast Changes

If television is part of your day-to-day, you’d undoubtedly want to know when these changes will affect your area. As part of Freeview’s campaign, you’ll receive on-screen messages to let you know that it’s already happening. To continue watching your favourite programmes, you’ll need to retune your Freeview TV or set-top box to retrieve any lost channels. There’s also a coverage checker on the Freeview website to check for changes scheduled in your area. Simply enter your postcode and house number. 

Need help retuning your set-top box or TV for Freeview?

Some TVs will retune automatically. If not, retuning is rather straightforward and can be completed within minutes. Usually, retuning your box or TV will reinstate your channels. However, some older aerials may need to be replaced with a new one to bring back all available channels. 

If required, users may be qualified for in-home support, including aerial work, at no extra cost. If you’re still missing channels even after retuning, visit Freeview’s website and head to the FAQ section. You can also check Freeview’s coverage checker if you want to know where your TV gets its signal from. The changes to Freeview TV signals started in Scotland in July 2017 and will continue across the UK until 2020.