Poldark TV Show Season 5 Streams Live in July in United Kingdom

poldark tv show streaming in United Kingdom

Poldark returns this month with Season 5 airing live on BBC One. Catch the new episodes as Ross Poldark continues on his daring adventures while protecting his family, friends, and his beloved Cornwall. The fifth season will also be the last — at least it will be for now — as there are still five Winston Graham novels that haven’t been adapted by the BBC in the latest Poldark TV adaptation.

The Season 4 finale ended with a major character death. Where does that leave us? More importantly, where does that leave Ross and George? Judging from the latter’s pure rage in season 4’s final episode, we can only expect he’s out for blood. And with his knighthood coming soon, will he use it to destroy the Poldark’s lives thoroughly? Absolutely. Don’t miss the new season of Poldark coming to BBC One on Sunday, July 14 at 9pm. New episodes will then drop weekly every Sunday evening.

Poldark Season 5 TV Preview

Initially thought to time-jump a decade just like in author Winston Graham’s next Poldark novel The Stranger From the Sea, BBC has since revealed that the fifth and final season would follow the gap years leading up to Graham’s The Stranger From the Sea. As we all know,  Season 4 was inspired by The Angry Tide, which included the sudden death of Elizabeth Warleggan in 1799. Instead of time-jumping to 1810, like it was supposed to in the book series, the fifth season will cover those gap years. 

Of course, the lives of the Poldarks will still be the primary focus, as well as the now-widowed George Warleggan, the Enyses, and the Carnes. Apart from that, major details are still under wraps. We know that Ross vows to forget about Westminster following Elizabeth’s death and focus on the people he loves. Surely, that doesn’t mean we’re going to get our happy ending, at least not yet. An old friend makes an appearance with a plea for help, leading Ross to take the dangerous roads again — as usual. Dwight and Caroline join the cause while Demelza deals with dangers in Cornwall. And George, with his greater power and influence, will be more ruthless than he ever was.

How to watch the first 4 seasons of Poldark

How to watch the first 4 seasons of Poldark

You can watch the previous seasons of Poldark on BBC One via the BBC streaming service BBC iPlayer. Available on a wide range of devices, you can stream previous episodes on your mobile, tablet, PC, or Smart TV. Of course, you need to have a TV licence in order to watch live and on-demand programmes on BBC iPlayer. Alternatively, you can stream former seasons of this period drama on TalkTalk TV. Getting a TalkTalk TV package can give you access to TalkTalk store to buy or rent movies and TV shows, as well as access to over 50 entertainment and catch-up channels.

What to Watch After Poldark

The fifth season of Poldark will also be the last, although producers of the show are hinting that Ross and Demelza’s story might continue in the near future. While waiting for that to happen, there’s a variety of other period dramas that are just as engaging. Take a look.

victoria itv hub

Victoria (ITV Hub)

In 1837, the young Victoria ascends to the throne as queen with the death of her uncle King William IV. Victoria follows the young queen’s ascension to the throne and her relationships with the influential figures around her. As she learns to navigate the politics of her reign and accept the sacrifices she has to make, the young ruler flourishes in her new role as queen. Jenna Coleman stars as Queen Victoria and Tom Hughes as Prince Albert. Catch the new episodes of the latest third season on ITV’s catch up service ITV Hub. You can also watch Victoria on ITV3 HD, available when you subscribe to a Sky TV package.

victoria itv hub

Jamestown (Sky One, Now TV)

Jamestown follows the lives of the first settlers in the English colony of Jamestown set in 17th century Virginia. Among them are Alice, Verity, and Jocelyn who travelled to the new world, bound to marry the men that have secured their place in their new home. Little do they know of the future that awaits them as they settle in what used to be Jamestown. Watch seasons 1-3 of Jamestown available for instant streaming on Now TV as part of the Entertainment Pass. Or, get a Sky TV package to access Sky One plus more entertainment and catch-up channels.

The Spanish Princess

The Spanish Princess (Amazon Prime)

The Spanish Princess continues the story from Starz’ limited programmes The White Queen and The White Princess. The new historical drama follows the teenage years of Catherine of Aragon, the Princess of Spain, as she sets foot in England to marry Prince Arthur of Wales, the heir to the English throne. His sudden death almost cost her the throne, until she sets her sights on the new heir, the future King Henry VIII.  Set in 16th century England, The Spanish Princess is a breathtaking narrative told from the women’s point of view. Watch it instantly on Amazon Prime, free for the first 30 days and pay monthly afterward, no lock-in contracts.