Wild Bill Season 1 Streams Live July in UK

Streaming TV in the UK

The West Wing actor Rob Lowe stars in this new ITV police comedy-drama, playing an American cop making his best efforts to establish peace in the town of Boston, Lincolnshire. For reasons that haven’t been properly explained yet, his character Bill Hixon got transferred from Miami to take charge of the wayward members of the fictional East Lincolnshire police. 

Following his relocation from the lively Miami to the, well, less lively town of Boston in Lincolnshire, Lowe playing chief constable should be fun. For starters, the constabulary he is assigned to lead doesn’t recognise his authority, at least not yet. And as it turns out, Boston isn’t that boring, sleepy town we have in mind. Wild Bill is ITV’s fresh addition to their lineup of quality entertainment. Premiering on June 12, catch the new episodes as they air weekly only on free to air network ITV. 

Wild Bill Season 1 TV Preview

From Brat Pack to The West Wing, Rob Lowe surprises audiences as he headlines the new ITV series Wild Bill. Playing the eponymous role, Constable Bill Hixon is relocated from Miami with his daughter to the not-so-peaceful town in Lincolnshire. His first and foremost goal? To reduce the crime rate and maybe, if he’s lucky or just super excellent, improve its reputation from being England’s worst town ever.  

There will be a struggle — and some laughs. In the trailer, we see the good constable expressing his vexation to a cabbage. That should be something. Cutting down crime rate, teenage daughter, recalcitrant subordinates, and the wonderful Rob Lowe are the exact components for the next best police show. 

Watch or Stream Wild Bill

Looking for something different? Try an American cop in an England town setting. Wild Bill airs on ITV weekly from June 12. Catch the new episodes as they stream right on schedule on your screen. Plus, experience free to air in HD with ITV HD (England and Wales only). If you can’t watch live, don’t worry because you can simply catch up on previous episodes using ITV’s free catch-up service, ITV Hub. If you want ad-free viewing and the ability to watch abroad and on your iOS devices, simply pay a flat monthly fee per month for ITV Hub+.

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What to Watch After Wild Bill

Consisting of only six episodes with each focusing on a different case, Wild Bill’s first season will wrap up soon. Certainly, viewers will miss the action and comic relief packed into one. Fortunately, there are other TV shows that can deliver as much as entertainment as Wild Bill. Let’s check them out. 

The Rookie (Now TV, Sky Witness)

Castle’s Nathan Fillion returns to television as John Nolan, who, after a life-altering event, decides to become an LAPD officer. As he pursues his dream, he finds out the hard way that starting over doesn’t always inspire. In the police force, it’s quite the opposite. As LAPD’s oldest rookie, he’s seen as someone merely addressing a midlife crisis. That’s got to sting. But, no, Nolan will prove to the bosses and to the entire force that he’s got what it takes to take down the bad guys — backed by his life experiences, persistence, and oh, his expert training to handle unicorns. Catch the first season of The Rookie on Sky Witness or stream on the go with Now TV

S.W.A.T. (Sky One, Now TV)

When former Marine and Los Angeles local Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson was tapped to lead a new Special Weapons and Tactics unit, he knew he needed to draw a line between his duty and his community, both of which he deeply feels loyal to. But as the tensions between the LAPD and the citizens aggravate, Harrelson has to step in to build a bridge between the force and the community. The TV show SWAT, starring Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore. If you’re looking for S.W.A.T. it currently airs on Sky One and Now TV. Alternatively, you can rent or own episodes when you sign up to TalkTalk TV

The Blacklist (Sky One, Now TV)

James Spader (Raymond Reddington) and Megan Boone (Elizabeth Keen) return on The Blacklist’s latest sixth season, currently streaming on Sky One. Secrets are now spilled and mysteries uncovered one by one, but before Liz can even wrap her head around these shocking revelations, a new conspiracy threatens everything they’ve done and sacrificed for their country. Catch the heart-pounding action on The Blacklist’s Season 6 now streaming weekly on Sky One. Want to watch even when you’re out and about? Sign up to a Sky TV package and get the Sky Go app for free. Now TV also streams The Blacklist seasons 1-5 available until 2 October 2019 with a 7-day free trial and pay monthly afterward. New episodes from Season 6 are also available for streaming.