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The 2019-20 Premier League season is just hours away, ending a long, football-less summer for fans in the UK. More great news for football fans is the new deal from Sky Sports, which gives them access to games screened by both Sky Sports and BT Sport at a cheaper rate.

The Sky Sports Extra deal has seen Sky slash the price of the Sky Sports and BT Sport double deal, saving football fans money over the course of the season. For new or existing Sky TV subscribers, adding the BT Sport package to the Sky Sports package will cost less than its regular price per month.

The 2019-20 Premier League season on UK TV

The 2018-19 season gave us one of – if not the ­– best title races in recent memory, with Liverpool pushing Manchester City all the way to the final minutes of the last game of the season. While the Citizens managed to clinch their fourth Premier League title, they needed a total of 98 points to do so – the second greatest haul in Premier League history.

Liverpool’s total of 97 would have won them the Premier League in every single season bar last year and 2017-18 – and while the pain of coming so close but so far to their first ever Premier League title may have stung, they quickly extinguished the hurt by lifting the Champions League trophy just a few weeks later.

While Manchester City and Liverpool are the favourites to duke it out for the big prize once again, Tottenham’s shrewd off-season moves have them well and truly in the frame for their first ever Premier League title. Alongside former winners Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester, there is sure to be plenty of action at the top of the table throughout the season.

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What does the new deal entail?

The popularity of the Premier League has seen it become the hot ticket in UK sporting coverage – so much so that in the 2019-20 season it will be shared by three different providers. The season’s 200 matches will be broadcast by Sky Sports (128 matches), BT Sport (52 matches) and newcomer Amazon Prime, who will screen 20 matches across two rounds in the middle of the season.

By taking the Sky Sports Extra deal, viewers will get themselves access to Sky Sports’ 128 Premier League matches – along with BT Sport’s 52. That’s 180 games across the season – more than enough football action to satisfy even the hungriest of fans. Amazon Prime has secured the rights to the remaining fixtures – screened across two rounds in December – so to have access to every game of the season viewers will have to also take up an Amazon Prime membership.

The package requires a 12-month commitment – which let’s face it is the best way to make sure you’re there for the pointy end of the season when all the silverware is being handed out – but if you’re not wanting to sign up for a long deal, a month-to-month rolling option (i.e. the original price) is also being offered.

Much more than just wall to wall Premier League coverage

Of course, getting access to BT Sport will not just boost your Premier League access. BT Sport has secured exclusive rights to the Champions League and the Europa League for the coming seasons, meaning that you’ll also be able to catch the continent’s best in action.

BT Sport also has a shared rights deal for the FA Cup with the BBC, so by taking the Sky Sports Extra package you’ll also net yourself coverage the football world’s most famous knockout competition.

For fans of other sports, the deal also gets access to BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport Extra, BT Sport ESPN and Boxnation. This means if it’s being hit, kicked, caught, bowled, rucked, punched or bounced, you’ll be able to watch it from the best seats in your house.

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