How to Stream Riviera Season 2 Live in the United Kingdom

riviera season 2

Sky’s most successful original series, Riviera, returns this month with a more explosive second season. Set in the French Riviera, this new thriller follows Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles) as the wife of a billionaire banker trapped in an insidious world disguised in glitter and gold. She learns the hard way that billions don’t just breed opulence, but also the darkest of secrets. Catch the new episodes of Riviera now streaming on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.

Where did Riviera Season 1 finish off?

In the first season, we’re introduced to Constantine and Georgina Clios living the best of life before things took a tragic turn with the death of the former. Grief then became secondary as Georgina found herself immersed in a world of deception and crime while trying to uncover the truth about her husband’s death. In the Season 1 finale, we finally learned the truth about who killed Constantine but still leaving fans shocked with a major cliffhanger. That’s over now as you can currently stream Riviera Season 2 on Sky TV and Now TV.

Riviera Season 2 TV Preview

And the life-shattering lies and crimes continue with Riviera Season 2. Georgina Clios finds herself in even bigger trouble as events around her go seemingly worse. Finally discovering the mastermind behind her husband’s death, she takes justice into her own hands to protect herself and her family. But can she really get away with murder? Especially with someone threatening to expose her secret?

Season 2 also brings us to Georgina’s attempt to bring back things the way they were; normalcy for the widow is now a luxury. Not even the beautiful Mediterranean coast of southeastern France can help her get her life back on track. Danger lurks in every corner and secrets continue to threaten her life and that of her loved ones. Don’t miss this addictive new thriller series available for streaming on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. 

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How to watch the first season of Riviera

You can watch the previous season of Riviera on Sky Atlantic. Available on a wide range of devices, you can stream earlier episodes on your mobile, tablet, PC, or Smart TV. Sign up for an entertainment package to access the Sky Atlantic channel and start watching instantly. Alternatively, you can get Now TV’s Entertainment Pass with no lock-in contracts plus enjoy a 7-day free trial. 

What to watch after Riviera?

Just like the first season, Riviera Season 2 only consists of 10 episodes. If you’re looking for a new series as intriguing as this to binge on during your downtime, check out the list below.

the widow

The Widow (ITV Hub, Amazon Prime)

Living as a recluse since her husband died in a plane crash, Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) began to seek the truth about her husband’s death after seeing him in the background during a news story reporting chaos in the Congo. Shocked and suspicious of the fact presented to her, she travels to the capital of Congo to prove that her husband is still alive. Oblivious to the danger she’s put herself in, she sets out across the Congo with the hope of reuniting with her supposedly dead husband. The Widow stars Kate Beckinsale in her first lead role on a television series. Stream the first season of The Widow on ITV Hub via the network’s official website. Amazon Prime subscribers can also watch The Widow online, free for the first 30 days.

save me

Save Me (Sky Atlantic, Now TV)

In this drama-thriller, Lennie James plays Nelly Rowe, a deadbeat who gets accused of abducting her estranged daughter. With the mysterious disappearance of a daughter he fathered 13 years ago, he must uncover the truth about it himself to clear his name and save the daughter he never had the chance to share his life with. Save Me was first broadcast on Sky Atlantic and is still available for instant streaming. Alternatively, you can catch the first season of the show on Now TV with an Entertainment Pass.

tin star

Tin Star (Sky Atlantic, Now TV)

Tim Roth stars as Sheriff Jim Worth in this Sky original as a former London undercover police, who, after a violent past, emigrated to a small town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. But the town isn’t as quaint and serene as it seems. Rife with crime and corruption, aggravated by a powerful oil company that dominates the town, Worth has no choice but to let his violent, alcoholic alter-ego Jack Devlin to take matters into his own hands if he wants to protect his family. Catch the new episodes of Tin Star now available for streaming on Sky Atlantic and Now TV.

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