Premier League 2019-20 on UK TV With Live Streaming Options

premier league streaming on free to air tv in the uk

The return of the world’s most-watched football league – the English Premier League – is just around the corner. After one of the best seasons in recent memory, fans of the contenders and neutrals alike are counting down the long, hot days of summer until the EPL returns.

With developments in training and fitness improving the action on the pitch year after year, so too have broadcasters improved in bringing the game to you. Technological developments mean you can now watch in pristine quality from the comfort of your couch – or while out and about from your mobile device.  

2019-20 Premier League on UK TV

The 2018-19 Premier League season gave us a taste of the holy grail – a season-long title-race full of twists, turns and roundabouts. Manchester City triumphed over Liverpool by one competition point on the final day, continuing the clubs’ modern rivalry and showcasing the strength of the modern Premier League.

The upcoming Premier League season will be shared by three different pay TV broadcasters: Sky Sports, BT Sport and newcomer Amazon. Sky Sports is the major broadcaster for the Premier League, with both BT and Amazon showing a lower number of matches. The Premier League apportions their rights in packages. After awarding the first four packages to Sky Sports and one to BT Sport, they took bids for the final two packages. BT Sport and Amazon took one each – with the latter securing Premier League rights for the first time.

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Premier League on Subscription TV

So what does it mean for Premier League fans? Sky Sports will screen 128 matches in the 2019-20 season, giving them the lion’s share of the competition. This is predominantly matches on Saturdays at 17:30, Sundays at 16:30 and Sundays at 14:00 along with a range of later evening and weekday matches. Sky’s coverage is headed up by lead commentators Martin Tyler, Rob Hawthorne, Bill Leslie and Alan Parry, with experts like Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Alan Smith and Andy Hinchcliffe providing colour and opinion.

BT Sport will screen 52 matches across the season, with their coverage mainly being made up of Saturday’s blockbuster early matches at 12:30 and midweek matches. As we reported earlier in the year when the fixtures were announced, Amazon’s deal gives them the rights to screen all the matches from the Boxing Day round of games, along with the complete round from 3-5th December.  

Premier League on Free To Air TV

The Premier League action is screened exclusively on pay TV, meaning you’ll need to sign up with Sky Sports, BT Sport or Amazon in order to watch live. Free to air viewers looking for their Premier League fix will be able to watch highlights packages on the BBC, after the BBC in 2018 renewed its long-running deal with the Football Association to broadcast Match Of The Day as well as a number of other PL-focused programs. These include Match of the Day 2, Football Focus and The Premier League Show.

Premier League TV Preview

The 2018-19 Premier League season was one of the most stunning in recent memory, with the champion not decided until full-time on the final match-day of the season. Liverpool pushed Manchester City harder than any runner-up in Premier League history, finishing on the third highest points total of any team.

Liverpool’s 97 points was however not enough to win the Reds their first ever Premier League crown, with Manchester City’s final-day victory over Brighton securing them 98 points and a memorable victory. Liverpool’s Champions League win would’ve boosted their spirits somewhat, priming them to go one better in the Premier League next season.

After Manchester City and Liverpool, Tottenham have made moves in the transfer window and will likely be still smarting after their Champions League final defeat to Liverpool. This will be their first full season in their new stadium and will be looking to christen it with their first Premier League trophy. Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea – the latter with the addition of new coach Frank Lampard – will also be in the hunt for the all-important top-four places.

At the other end of the table, a tough-fought promotion battle has seen the return of a former Premier League stalwart in Aston Villa. The Birmingham-based side spent two years in the Championship and will be eager to prove that the Premier League is their rightful place. Sheffield United and Norfolk also made it through a bruising battle to reach the top flight.

Premier League Live TV Times (All times BST)

The kick-off times and broadcasters for the first round of the season have been finalised. As per usual, the Saturday 15:00 games will not be screened in the UK in order to encourage stadium attendance.

Date Event Time Channel
August 9th Liverpool vs Norwich 20:00 Sky Sports and NOW TV
August 10th West Ham vs Manchester City 12:30pm BT Sport
August 10th Bournemouth vs Sheffield United 3:00pm
August 10th Burnley vs Southampton 3:00pm
August 10th Crystal Palace vs Everton 3:00pm
August 10th Leicester vs Wolves 3:00pm
August 10th  Watford vs Brighton 3:00pm
August 10th Tottenham vs Aston Villa 17:30 Sky Sports and NOW TV
August 11th Newcastle vs Arsenal 14:00 Sky Sports and NOW TV
August 11th Manchester United vs Chelsea 16:30 Sky Sports and NOW TV

Watch or Stream the Premier League Live

With rights to 128 of the 200 games which may be shown live, and keeping in mind the rules about not streaming on Saturdays at 15:00 – Sky Sports are the major broadcaster for the Premier League. This means that they’re the best option if you want to catch the most Premier League action as possible – with BT Sport showing 52 games across the season and Amazon Prime airing 20.

Sky also offers the option to stream the Premier League free to eligible mobile devices using the Sky Go app should it be more convenient. If you’re interested in full access to this action take a moment to review the Sky Sports plus Entertainment package, which requires an 18-month commitment and the necessary equipment.

If you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t involve a long term commitment, you may wish to check out NOW TV, which offer shorter, more flexible deals. With NOW TV you can watch every televised session of the Premier League live online using a compatible device or available app, while enjoying the exact same broadcast experience as Sky Sports. NOW TV offers the choice of acquiring a Sky Sports day pass, weekly pass or monthly pass, and there’s no set up or equipment fees so you can be watching within just minutes of getting started.

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