Sky Broadband to Launch More Advanced Router with the New Sky Broadband Hub

sky broadband Hub image

Sky Broadband is expected to introduce a new wireless router later this year in conjunction with the launch of its Ultrafast broadband packages. Designed to succeed the current Sky Q Hub, the soon-to-come Sky Broadband Hub will deliver impressive specifications to offer the best WiFi performance.

The much-awaited Ultrafast internet plans, featuring speeds of over 100Mbps, will require an equally superb-functioning hub to deliver internet at its fastest. This is where the Sky Broadband Hub comes into the picture. 

Enhanced WiFi with Sky’s new-generation Router

Last year, Sky said it was planning to launch a new-generation router in the UK with enhanced WiFi capabilities. The Sky Q Hub, the company’s latest wireless router, delivers up to three times faster speeds than the previous generation of internet routers. It also has some great features, including its energy-saving capacity and supporting multiple devices at once. Customers can only expect the new Sky Broadband Hub to be even faster and more efficient, providing users with the most splendid broadband experience ever. 

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The New Sky Broadband Hub

While the Sky Q Hub already boasts some impressive features, it would seem that Sky is intent on releasing a newer, better version to compete with the hardware inside BT’s Smart Hub 2. TalkTalk has also recently updated its home router, so it’s only a matter of time before Sky makes the announcement. 

It is anticipated that the latest Sky Broadband Hub will be more straightforward in design but heftier in functions. The exact release of the new Sky Broadband Hub is yet to be announced. Meanwhile, customers taking part in Sky Broadband’s new SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) product trial are being provided with a new router called SR203, which is highly assumed to succeed the Sky Q Hub (ER110). 

Ultrafast Sky Broadband Packages

Sky upgrading their wireless router also comes in conjunction with the yet-to-be-unveiled Ultrafast broadband plans that are said to deliver speeds of over 100Mbps. Reportedly, both will be offered as part of a package, in which customers signing up for an Ultrafast speed plan will get the new Sky Broadband Hub. Sky’s current Superfast customers who take the company’s new SOGEA-based internet (VOIP) calls service can also get their hands on the new generation router. Otherwise, they’ll continue using the Sky Q Hub unless they opt to upgrade.

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