Sky TV to Double Its Investment in Streaming After Chernobyl Success

Sky TV’s Chernobyl has been an unprecedented success, vindicating the company’s desire to produce original content and shake up the streaming market. Not content to rest on its laurels, Sky will increase its investment to a billion per year as it continues to improve market share.

Streaming is all the rage in the contemporary television market. And while Netflix and Amazon Prime continue to command much of the attention in the UK, Sky TV has slowly grown a library of original and syndicated content to rival the big two.

By no means a new player, Sky has in recent years continued to focus on the main things which have underpinned its success and dominance of the UK television market for decades – i.e. it’s pay TV service and its sporting content. In recent years, however, Sky has diversified, first through the development of their lower cost Now TV platform and more recently through streaming.

While this had originally been largely based around original content produced for its TV shows and syndicated, the recent success of Chernobyl – a Sky original program – has seen the company fast-track its investment.

Double trouble

Sky TV is doubling its current level of investment from half million to a billion per year on original programming. This is set to be reached in five years, with the annual spend incrementally increased during that time.

Currently, Sky makes around 50 original TV series per year. With the funds available set to double, that number could rise as high as 100.

Sky Sports – long the backbone of Sky UK’s content – is also set to see an increase in funding as the battle for sporting rights continues to rage on.

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The success of Chernobyl

While much of this will be in sporting content, Sky’s Chernobyl’s critical and commercial success have shown the benefit of streaming original content for the UK provider.

As reported by The Times of London, Chernobyl currently has the highest rating of any television show in history on IMDB. The show was produced by Sky UK in conjunction with US cable and satellite television network HBO.

Although Sky has a long way to go if it is to catch Netflix – which spent billions on original content in 2019 – it’s worth remembering that Netflix is a global provider. Sky is largely UK focused, with a presence in several European countries.

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