S.W.A.T. Season 2 Streams Live in June in UK

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Criminal Minds’ Shemar Moore continues to fight crime in Los Angeles as S.W.A.T. leader Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson. Born and bred in LA, he is torn between his duty and his loyalty to his community. A reboot of the 1975 TV series of the same name, S.W.A.T.’s second season is another action-packed entertainment that gets the bad guys a good deal of what they deserve. The new season streams from June 30 on Sky One. 

S.W.A.T. is back for a second season, which means your penchant for action-packed scenes can now be satisfied with every new episode. With a crime drama like S.W.A.T., the world is made simple — you’re either a good guy or a bad guy. Clearly, LAPD’s finest need to get rid of the bad ones. Don’t miss the exhilaration and go root for our heroes, only on Sky One

S.W.A.T. Season 2 TV Preview

Season 2 of S.W.A.T. brings in new friends, new enemies, and new crimes to stop. When a natural disaster hits the city,  the team finds themselves in even tougher positions. Challenges not only come from criminals, bureaucracy also plays a pivotal role in turning the lives of some S.W.A.T. members upside down. 

Meanwhile, after getting kicked out from the team in last season’s finale, Jim Street is reinstated back on S.W.A.T. on a probationary period. Later in the season, Hondo’s leadership hangs in the balance when an internal investigation involving a dead civilian threatens his squad. An ultimate battle between the team and the season’s most wicked adversary, The Emancipators, kicks off. 

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How to watch the first season of S.W.A.T.

How to watch the first season of S.W.A.T.?

The previous season of S.W.A.T. has been an eventful one. To prepare for the second season, you may want to rewatch the former episodes of the first season. Being freshly familiar with storylines and characters from Season 1 will certainly help you appreciate Season 2 even more, but don’t look for S.W.A.T. on free to air TV in the UK as it’s available exclusively on the Sky One channel.

Fortunately, you can easily catch up on past episodes from the previous season on Sky One. Season 1 episodes are available On Demand as part of your Sky TV package. You can get started by signing up to the base Sky TV package on an 18-month contract. This includes over 300 Sky TV and 60 catch-up channels, something you need if entertainment is part of your day to day.  Plus, this Sky TV package already includes the Sky Q box.

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What to Watch After S.W.A.T. 

While waiting for the new season of S.W.A.T. to become available on Sky One, you can fill the void with many other action-themed and crime thriller programs on television. Here are just a few of them. 

The Blacklist (Now TV, Sky One)

The season 5 finale of The Blacklist ended with a game-changing revelation — that Raymon Reddington, the former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal, is not who he says he is. Season 6 picks up where we left off, introducing the audience to two characters crucial in “Reddington being an impostor all along” narrative. With this discovery, Elizabeth Keen starts to investigate on how this lie came about, digging further into a whole new level of mystery and danger. Catch the new season on Sky One with fresh episodes streaming weekly. Alternatively, you can also watch The Blacklist’s latest sixth season on Now TV as part of the Entertainment Pass. 

Silent Witness (BBC One)

A team of London-based forensic pathologists and scientists utilise their expertise and instincts to uncover the most gruesome of crimes. Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), a brilliant pathologist with an expertise in archaeology, has been a permanent fixture in the team since Series 8. Now in its Series 22, this long-running BBC series returns this year for another binge-worthy season. Catch the complete episodes of the latest series on BBC One. 

How to Get Away with Murder (Sky Witness)

The Season 4 finale of How to Get Away with Murder had left viewers in shock — lots of things happening and plenty of revelations to process.  In Season 5, we learn that Annalise returns to the academe following her Supreme Court victory. But even in the first episode of the fifth season, a new mystery already develops. And in the How to Get Away with Murder world, mystery means murder and lies. Find out how this unfolds with the new season streaming on Sky Witness from June 28. Get Sky TV’s entertainment package to enjoy more than 300 Sky TV and 60 catch-up channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, and Syfy. 

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