The Blacklist Season 6 Streams Live June in UK

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Mystery and crime — and how Megan Boone’s Elizabeth Keen uses her expertise and instincts to uncover both — has been the backbone of The Blacklist. Of course, James Spader’s portrayal of Raymond Reddington is a completely different kind of experience that makes the show a must-watch. The Blacklist returns to your screen this June with a brand new season. Catch the latest episodes on Sky One, part of your Sky TV package. 

The Blacklist’s Season 6 continues from where the fifth season has left viewers in total daze. The major reveal in the Season 5 finale will be an entirely fresh narrative that will be further explored in the sixth season. What happened to the real Raymond Reddington? What about the other Raymond Reddington, the one we’ve come to hate and love these past five seasons? And can we ever get over an original character’s death? Eventually, all the pieces will fall into place. Make sure you’re tuned in when they do, only on Sky One

The Blacklist Season 6 TV Preview

Elizabeth Keen investigates the death of the real Raymond Reddington to make sense of the things happening around her. A random encounter threatens Red’s freedom and life, and it is something that’s left him with very little to zero control. As Red gets himself into deeper trouble, his blacklist remains a valuable asset, allowing Liz and the task force to stop horrible plans from being executed. 

A conspiracy unfolds later in the season, placing the main characters into the heart of the insidious threat. Will they save the country just in time? And what of the lingering questions about Red’s real identity? Just like Liz, the fans need answers and now. More big reveals and shocking twists coming your way this season. Catch it all on Sky One with new episodes streaming weekly. 

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How to watch the first 5 seasons of The Blacklist

How to watch the first 5 seasons of The Blacklist

The past five seasons of The Blacklist are a lot to take in. To prepare for the sixth season, you may want to rewatch the previous ones. There may be storylines and characters from seasons 1-5 that you need to familiarise yourself with, again. For sure, you’ll enjoy the new episodes from the latest season even more, but don’t look for The Blacklist on Free to air TV in the UK.

That’s why it’s great that you can easily catch up on past episodes from former seasons on Sky One when you purchase a Sky TV Package. You can enjoy over 300 Sky TV and 60 catch-up channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, Syfy, and many others. Even better, you can stream The Blacklist free anytime, wherever you are with Sky Go. 

What to Watch After The Blacklist 

The latest season of The Blacklist currently streams weekly on Sky One. With every episode always leaving you wanting more, you’d surely want to distract yourself with shows that are just as impressive. If you’re looking for other choices of excellent entertainment, you’ll find that there are plenty.

Elementary (Now TV, Sky Witness)

In this modern day re-imagining of our favourite detective story, Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) lives in New York City where he helps the NYPD to solve crimes as a consulting detective.  His impressive deductive skills are initially met with doubts, but he has since been recognised for his genius. Meanwhile, a drug addiction problem in the past prompted his father to force him to live with his sober companion Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu). Watch Elementary from seasons 1-6 available now streaming on Now TV, the online streaming service from Sky, as part of the Entertainment Pass. The Entertainment Pass comes with a 7 day free trial. Alternatively, you can include it in your binge-watch list by signing up to a Sky TV package. Tune in to the Sky Witness channel where it’s also available for instant streaming. 


Riviera (Sky Atlantic, Now TV)

Life is perfect, until it isn’t. In this Sky original series, Georgina Clios’ world is turned upside down when her highly powerful and rich husband ended up dead on a yacht. Intent on finding out the truth about her husband’s death, she embarks on a perilous journey that’ll bring her closer to the truth. Riviera stars Julia Stiles, Lena Olin, and Iwan Rheon. Watch series 1-2 on Sky Atlantic with all episodes now available for streaming or stream on Now TV available until 18 August 2019. 

Gomorrah (Sky Atlantic)

If US has Game of Thrones, Italy has Gomorrah, a crime drama based on Robert Saviano’s book of the same name. The show has been a ratings hit since its premiere in the UK on Sky Atlantic. Set in the suburbs of Naples, Italy, the series follows a Neapolitan crime organisation called Camorra. Vicious and notorious in their dealings, Camorra is led by Pietro Savastano. His right-hand man, Ciro Di Marzio, has misgivings about the family when he realises how far Don Pietro will go to retain power. Watch Seasons 1-3 on Sky Atlantic with new episodes of Season 4 now streaming weekly. 

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