Billions Season 4 Streams Live in June in the UK

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Former enemies Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades must work together despite their history to defeat their protégés-turned-rivals — Bryan Connerty and Taylor Mason. Adding Wendy Rhoades into the equation, the chief counselor to each, we see more enemies go down in this uneasy yet highly advantageous alliance. Don’t miss the brand new season of Billions this June streaming on Now TV.

Even with four seasons in, Billions continue to showcase new tricks that largely satisfy its fans. Combining the cunning of Axe and the ruthlessness of Chuck, our two main characters defied the odds — and paid the price — for the sake of satisfying their ambitions. Catch the latest season of Billions streaming on Now TV.

Billions Season 4 TV Preview

The new season of Billions is more thrilling than ever. Every major character is fueled by their desire for money and power. Revenge also becomes a primary motivation with the main characters forging an alliance to defeat and humiliate their respective rivals. It is gratifyingly entertaining in the end. Headlined by the lead performances of Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti, Billions Season 4 is another win for Showtime. 

While there’s abundant treachery and manipulation in the works, Season 4 also hints a deepening relationship between Wendy and Axe as the former leaves Chuck following his betrayal of his own wife. Axe, on the other hand, further proves his loyalty to her by helping her retrieve her medical license, at a great expense to him. We’ll have to find out next season how this will be played out. 

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How to watch the first 3 seasons of Billions

How to watch the first 3 seasons of Billions

The past three seasons of Billions has been a roller-coaster ride.To prepare for the fourth season, you may want to rewatch the previous ones. Being freshly familiar with storylines and characters from the former seasons will certainly help you appreciate the new season even more, but don’t look for Billions on Free to Air TV in the UK as it’s available exclusively on the Sky network.

Fortunately, you can easily catch up on past episodes from the previous seasons on Now TV as part of the Entertainment Pass. You can kick it all off with a 7 day free trial offer, and then proceed to pay monthly with no lock-in contract. With Now TV’s Entertainment Pass, you can access over 300 binge-worthy Box Sets instantly On Demand. Seasons 1-3 are available for streaming until 17 January 2020 while Season 4 episodes 1-12 is streaming until 12 July 2019. 

What to Watch After Billions 

The latest season of Billions seems to please fans worldwide. If you’re looking for other choices of excellent entertainment, you’ll find that there are plenty. While it feels like it’s hard to replace a beloved show, especially if you’re a die-hard fan, it’s only fair to give other shows a chance. After all, they all aim to please. Let’s check other programs that are just as binge-worthy. 

big little lies

Big Little Lies (Now TV, Sky Atlantic)

Apparently, deception makes for good entertainment. If you’re into the thrill of maneuvering and scheming, Big Little Lies will highly deliver. Now onn its second season, the show’s new season streams weekly on Now TV as part of the Entertainment Pass. Want to catch the previous episodes of the first season to see that satisfying finale again, Season 1 is also available for instant streaming. Alternatively, you can catch the previous and latest episodes of Big Little Lies on Sky Atlantic


Riviera (Sky Atlantic, Now TV)

In this Sky original series set on the southeastern coast of France, highly powerful and wealthy banker Constantine Clios is living the dream with his wife Georgina. All of this changes after an explosion on a yacht results in Constantine’s death, leaving Georgina alone and grieving. The tragedy even leads to further chaos as the details of his now-deceased husband’s life begins to unravel. Doubting the nature of her husband’s death, she now walks a dangerous path to stand face to face with the elusive truth. Starring Julia Stiles, Riviera’s Series 1-2 now streams on Sky Atlantic and Now TV. 

sick note

Sick Note (Sky One)

Getting diagnosed with a life-threatening disease has its perks — at least that’s what Daniel Glass (Rupert Grint) thinks. Everything falls into place as people around him begins to treat him better. Life just got better, ironically. However, having the most incompetent oncologist (Nick Frost) can certainly backfire. Upon learning of his misdiagnosis, Daniel decides to keep the truth to himself, being a compulsive liar and all, at great lengths to savour the new life he believes he has. Plus, there’s the accidental murder storyline that Daniel and the “good doctor” are attempting to conceal, shaking things up big time. Catch the first two series of Sick Note only on Sky One.

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