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now tv uk review

The biggest premium TV service in the UK, Sky, also offers the option of an easy to use, flexible online-streaming equivalent. Called Now TV, it gives you access to Sky’s channels and shows without the hassle of installation.

While millions of people across the UK have a Sky box as the centre of their TV entertainment, not everyone who’d like to get access to Sky’s exclusive channels and content is easily able to do so and some simply don’t want the hassle of having hardware installed where they’re living (renters and share houses in particular). But luckily, there’s a solution that’s easy, affordable and hassle-free – Now TV. It gives you the best of pay TV without the strings – no contracts, no waiting, and designed to be tailored to the stuff you want to watch.

Alongside the streaming access to live channels, there’s a ton of content available to stream on demand with Now TV – and with no lock-in contracts or messy installations to worry about, you can get right to viewing seconds after signing up, and cancel whenever you like without any penalty. It’s the ultimate in TV flexibility.

Now TV: The Online Streaming Alternative

The reason you don’t need to agree to a contract or pay for installation is because Now TV, while run by Sky TV, is a completely separate service that operates entirely via broadband internet – there’s no satellite dish, no expensive set top box and no waiting for access. All you need to do to get started is sign up for an account of the Now TV web site, then pick the Now TV Pass that suits you – or a combo of two or more of them if you like. The good news is that you won’t need to pay for stuff you don’t watch – each Pass caters for specific types of content. And most Passes are available with a 7 day free trial, too – so you can check them out for yourself and see whether you want them in your life long-term.

Compare Now TV Plans

Entertainment Membership + Boost
  • 7-day free trial
  • Entertainment Membership + Boost
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Critically acclaimed shows in Full HD
  • Stream in Full HD across 3 devices with Boost
  • $14.99/mth
Min Cost - £14.99

Sports Day + Mobile Month Membership
  • Sports Day + Mobile Month Membership
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • 11 Sky Sports channels for 24 hours & 5 months Mobile Month Membership
  • You'll receive your Mobile Month Membership within 10 working days
  • $9.98/1 days
$9.98/1 days
Min Cost - £9.98

more terms

one-off payment

hayu Membership
  • 7-day free trial
  • hayu Membership
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Over 5000 episodes of reality TV fresh from the US
  • Includes season 16 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • $4.99/mth
Min Cost - £4.99

Sports Membership + Boost
  • 7-day free trial of NOW Boost
  • Sports Membership + Boost
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Discover Sky Originals and stream live channels including Sky Atlantic and Sky One
  • All 11 Sky Sports channels
  • $33.99/mth
Min Cost - £33.99 + £3 a month of NOW Boost after the 7-day free trial.

Cinema Membership + Boost
  • 7-day free trial
  • Cinema Membership + Boost
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Enjoy over 1,000 movies on demand
  • Includes the latest blockbusters and hundreds of classics
  • $14.99/mth
Min Cost - £14.99

The Biggest TV Hits

There are five different Now TV Pass options, all of which include an initial 7-day free trial. The Entertainment Month Pass gives you access to 11 channels that are not available on Freeview or anywhere else – all streamed live – and over 300 Box Sets, entire seasons of shows ready to stream on demand. Channels include Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, FOX, MTV and Vice, while on-demand content includes content from premium channels like HBO and ABC Studios. The Sky Cinema Month Pass opens up access to over 1000 movies streamable on demand, with a new premiere every day. The Kids’ Month Pass offers six dedicated channels for the little ones to catch al their favourite shows, and a special kids’ app for them to watch live channels and thousands of ad-free episodes on demand. And the hayu Month Pass is for true fans of reality TV, with over 5000 episodes of the latest reality shows from the US – including Keeping Up with the Kardashians – provided free of ads and interruptions.

The Most Live Sport

Sports fans, meanwhile, have plenty of flexible options with Now TV, with a range of four passes to suit your individual viewing. If there’s just one match you have to catch, you can grab the Sky Sports Day Pass, or if you’d prefer to have access for the whole week so you can take in an entire round, you can look into the Sky Sports Week Pass. But if you’re a dedicated sports fanatic that wants it all, all the time, the Sky Sports Month Pass offers all 11 Sky Sports channels and is accessible across loads of devices so you can take your favourite teams with you. Additionally, for mobile-only users there’s a Mobile Month Pass, which gives you Sky Sports Premier League, Action, Arena, Racing & News on your phone. 

You can add and remove channel packs whenever you like – there’s no limit to how often you can change the packs you subscribe to, as long as you maintain at least one at any given time. But if you’ve had enough for Now TV for the moment, you can also just put your subscription on hold and come back when the next season of your favourite show arrives. Because there’s no contract, there’s no hassle with putting your Now TV on hold whenever you need to.

What Else Does Now TV Offer?

With access to some of the best shows, movies and sports on TV, Now TV is a brilliant way to get access to the best without spending a fortune. And that value is reflected in the devices you can use as well – with over 60 devices supported, chances are you won’t need to go out and buy anything to watch Now TV with, because you’re probably already got a supported device at home. iOS and Android phones and tablets are supported, and your desktop or laptop PC or Mac can stream Now TV as well. Owners of current generation game consoles can download the Now TV app for PS4 or Xbox One, while those who prefer dedicated streaming devices have tons of options. The incredibly popular and versatile Apple TV is supported, as is the cheap and capable Google Chromecast and popular Roku devices, including Now TV’s own Roku-designed Smart Box and Smart Stick. And recent-model LG and Samsung smart TVs have apps available to let you stream right there on your TV.

The Now TV live online streaming app is designed to be easy to use, stylish and appealing, with live channels and on-demand content sharing the same screen space in a logical way. What’s made available to you in the app depends on which Passes you’ve subscribed to – but remember, most of them have a free 7-day trial that won’t cost you any money at all, so if you’re new to Now TV, that’s possibly a great way to get started, being able to see for yourself how each Pass’s content is integrated into the Now TV app on your favourite devices.

Streaming Shows On Demand or Live

Now TV offers a ton of must-see television from some of the world’s most acclaimed premium TV studios, including the award-winning Big Little Lies, the acclaimed and chilling must see event series Chernobyl, the intense high-stakes drama of Billions and much more. The Entertainment Pass gives you access to new shows as they arrive, and lets you stream entire seasons on demand to catch up or just binge a show from start to finish. Similarly, with movies you’ve got a vast menu of choice wit new movies constantly arriving to make sure you never run out of things to watch.

What About Sports?

The home of premium sports in the UK, Sky Sports is renowned the world over for their brilliant coverage of the Formula One Grand Prix as it travels the globe, and with expanded Premier League coverage in 2019 they’re even more of a destination for the dedicated sports fan than ever before. No matter whether your sport of choice is cricket, golf, rugby union, tennis, racing or American football, you’ll find it on Sky Sports – and it’s all unlocked by your Now TV Sky Sports Pass.

Using Now TV

As long as you’ve got a broadband internet connection with reasonable bandwidth, you’re ready for Now TV – it uses an adaptive streaming rate to deliver the best picture quality that your connection can handle, so there’s no need to set anything at the user end. You’ll want to make sure there’s nothing else using your connection that might slow down the Now TV’s stream, though – and where possible, use a wired Ethernet connection to your device of choice, rather than wi-fi (this can be especially important if you live in a flat with lots of other people nearby).

The mobile apps let you download selected content in advance to watch later, which can be a brilliant way to keep the trip into work entertaining while not using your precious mobile data – just download the show at home over wi-fi, ready to watch later when you’re on the go.

You can register up to four devices on your account, with two devices allowed to be used at any one time. This lets you potentially share your monthly subscription cost with a mate, though it’s technically not encouraged. Once you’ve registered four devices, you can swap out one device for a new one per month. Most people won’t ever even run across this limitation.

Now TV – Premium TV and Movies Without the Hassle

Offering cheap and easy access to some of the most desirable premium TV programming and sports around, Now TV is a great option for anyone who’s not willing to make a long term commitment to a hardware-installed pay TV service – and of course, those who simply can’t get pay TV where they live. With wide device support and flexible monthly passes, it’s a brilliant way to expand your TV horizons, without any of the hassles of installation or lengthy contracts.

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