Students Can Enjoy Amazon Prime TV UK for Free with Six-Month Free Trial!

From pinching pennies to cramming textbooks, student life can be tough for a variety of reasons. But Amazon Prime TV’s free six-month trial deal is here to make student life a little easier.

After a day of sitting through lectures and tutorials, most of us wouldn’t mind heading to the pub or club – except that when we open our wallets to see how much cash we have in store, all we see is a lone butterfly flutter out and fly off into the sunset. Never mind – we’ll have a night in. Until of course you remember that all the best TV is now available on streaming platforms.

From Amazon Prime TV to Netflix – along with a range of new streaming options including on-demand options from Sky, Now TV and Rakuten – all of this great content comes at a price. These platforms, despite being good value for the average person, can still be pretty costly for students.

Fortunately, Amazon Prime TV – a relative newcomer in the industry – remembers what it was like to be a student. They’ve offered by far the best free trial deal in the business – a whopping six-month free trial deal.

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Known as Amazon Prime Student, you won’t pay anything for the first six months of the deal. Watch great Amazon Prime Video originals like Man in the High Castle, Bosch and Transparent, or series like Ripper Street and Mr. Robot.

Not only does this membership give you access to the full range of streaming possibilities offered by Amazon Prime Video – from streamed content to on-demand movies and box sets – you’ll also get membership with Amazon’s other excellent services, including Prime Music, free one-day delivery and a range of discounts and offers.

Some of these include discounted textbooks and other student products – known as University Essentials and including products like stationery and study materials – meaning the cost of being a student will be even lower.

Other Amazon Prime Membership Perks

Amazon is also aware that there’s more to being a student than just studying. They’ve got great deals on clothes, shoes, nutrition and personal products as well as electronics.

Why are they doing it? Amazon’s international reach and deep pockets mean they can afford to lose the fees you’d otherwise be paying in the knowledge that their offerings are so good, you’ll stick around into the future.

But wait – do they jack up the price after? No, not at all. Once the free trial has concluded, you’ll be rolled over to a monthly deal. No hidden fees or fine print – just a continuation of the same deal at a low monthly cost.  

Start Your Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

Not a student? Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for non-students, which is still a pretty extensive time period for you to judge whether or not this streaming caper is for you.

All in all, the Amazon Student free trial is a great way to save money while being a student. While we can’t guarantee that all this excellent streaming content will actually be beneficial to your studies – binge watching The Office or American Gods is likely to be more fun than binge studying Economics 101 – but it’s certainly a great deal.