Virgin: UK’s No.1 Home Internet Provider for Streaming Netflix

netflix streaming on virgin media

Virgin Media has a lot to be proud about after having ranked first when it comes to home internet providers to stream Netflix. The streaming giant has recently unveiled their list of ISP speed index earlier this year, which showed Virgin as the provider offering the fastest method for streaming shows, movies, and more on Netflix UK.

As more and more people are shifting over to streaming TV as their way of consuming content, the need for a solid and reliable broadband connection has been more necessary than ever. Given this, Netflix is helping its loyal viewers to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the best ISP to stream all the best shows and movies by providing a roundup of its internet supplier speed index on a yearly basis. 

What is the ISP Speed Index?

Every start of the year, Netflix releases its list of ISP speed index, which ranks all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the UK depending on their average download speed during prime time over a certain time duration. 

For the past year — as well as the past 4 years all the way back to 2014 — it’s been found that Virgin Media has consistently remained on top with an average of 4.3 Mbps for 2018. Of course, this list is just the fastest average speeds that’s used to stream Netflix shows and is not a measure of a home’s actual broadband connection. But despite the fact that there’s a lot of other factors that could influence these results, it’s still quite impressive how Virgin Media is able to maintain its consistent dominance through the years over other ISPs in the UK. 

Which Other ISPs are worth considering to stream Netflix?

Speaking of other providers, this doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be a able to enjoy watching Netflix on other ISPs because you definitely still can. In fact, there are other major broadband providers that have been closely following the trail of Virgin Media over the years. Check out the results of the 2018 ISP speed index as listed below:

  1. Virgin Media: 4.3Mbps
  2. BT: 4.22Mbps
  3. Plusnet: 4.01Mbps
  4. EE: 3.97BMbps
  5. Sky Broadband: 3.86Mbps
  6. TalkTalk: 3.79Mbps

It really is no surprise that Virgin Media is able to easily top the charts over the years given that their entry level package already offers an impressive 50Mbps broadband speed. This gives viewers more ammo to stream Netflix in HD with the easy and more affordable access to faster internet speeds. 

Stream Netflix Using Your Virgin TV Box

If that’s not impressive enough, Virgin has also made it so much more convenient to pay for your Netflix subscription by integrating it into one single billing under Virgin Media. It just makes complete sense for you to just include your Netflix billing with your Virgin subscription, especially if you’re already using a Virgin TV V6 box to access the Netflix app. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience, you can also just sign up for a broadband and TV bundle from Virgin Media. Not only does this give you a free V6 box, but it also gets you the best of what Virgin TV and its reliable broadband service has to offer.