Access YouView Using Voice Control with Amazon’s Alexa Devices

alexa on youview

Browsing through channels and streaming apps is now made even easier using your YouView box thanks to Amazon’s voice-activated TV control feature, also better known as Alexa. Available through Amazon devices such as Echo and Echo Dot, you can easily set up Alexa and have it paired with your YouView TV Box in just a few easy steps.

Watching your favourite shows, sports, and movies just got a whole lot more convenient with Amazon’s Alexa integration on your YouView device. With Amazon opening up the software last year to TV app developers, the BT platform took the chance to test it out to allow viewers to switch through channels, as well as access on demand content through simple voice commands. 

How to Pair Your Amazon “Alexa” Device to YouView Box

Fast forward to one year later, the Amazon Alexa and YouView Box integration is now a full-fledged service available to all YouView subscribers. Check out the steps below on how you can easily set up your Amazon device to connect it to your YouView TV Box.

  • Using the remote of your YouView box, go to the menu and select ‘Settings’. From there, go to ‘Connected devices’ and select ‘Voice control’.
  • Afterwards, search for the YouView Alexa Skill on the Amazon Alexa store, which is available through any device with a web browser with internet connection. Simply click on ‘Enable’ to start the pairing process.
  • To start pairing, enter the pairing code displayed in the ‘Voice Control’ section of your settings on the YouView box. Select ‘Pair’ and then wait for a confirmation saying that the pairing has been successful with your ‘YouView Skill page’.
  • Once the code has been accepted and the pairing is successful, the YouView box will automatically update to show that the device has been paired.

Streaming Apps Available on YouView Box

Now that you have your Amazon ‘Alexa’ device connected to your YouView box, you can start using voice commands to watch your favourite shows on YouView. In addition to free to air channels BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and 5, you can also watch on their respective catch-up services, which includes BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, and My5. 

If that’s not enough, you can also tune in to your favourite shows and movies on your own time with leading streaming providers such as Netflix, Sky’s Now TV, BBC Sport, BBC News, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. 

Top Shows to Watch via YouView

YouView has an endless amount of entertainment to consume — from gripping dramas to epic films, hard-hitting news to the most exciting live sport, just name it and YouView has it. This month, you can catch thrilling shows such as Poldark’s season 5 on BBC One, Fresh Off the Boat season 4 on 5star, plus streaming specials like Orange Is the New Black season 7 and Suits season 9 on Netflix, as well as the new anti-superhero series “The Boyson Amazon Prime Video.