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Now TV Streaming UK

NOW TV is the new kid on the block in UK pay-TV. They’ve brought a fresh approach to the UK television market, doing away with long contracts and delivering flexible deals. And while they’re a fair bit cheaper than many of the established providers, they still boast some of the best content available in the UK.

NOW TV is owned by Sky, meaning they’re the perfect way to get your hands (and eyes) on Sky content without a longer-term commitment. Currently, NOW TV’s Sky Sports package gives you access to the English Premier League as well as original content like the critically acclaimed Chernobyl. NOW TV’s app is incredibly convenient – letting you take your favourite programs with you on the go.

What does Now TV offer its customers?

Although NOW TV is all about streaming, they’ve also got some pretty great bundles with broadband and calling. Although these are a tad less extensive than some of their competitors, they’ve still embraced bundling – both of broadband internet and telephone connections. NOW TV offers broadband at three different speeds 11mbps, 36mbps and 63mbps. NOW TV’s Anytime Calls – which brings in all of your landline calls for free – is also a great way to save.

Now TV Packages and Pricing

Like its parent company Sky, NOW TV separates their packages according to categories. The cheapest is the Kids Pass (£3.99). For the same price, you can get the hayu Pass (£3.99), which is purely reality TV and is not at all for kids. The Entertainment Pass costs £7.99, which has a bunch of your favourite box sets and TV shows. The Sky Cinema Pass will set you back £11.99. The sports packages – which get you access to Sky’s sporting content – are a little pricier, costing £8.99 for a day pass, weekly access at £14.99 and monthly access at £33.99. The mobile-only pass will set you back £5.99 per month.

Bundling with Now TV

Now TV also offers broadband bundles. By signing up to Now TV broadband, they’ll throw in the Now TV Entertainment package at a discounted rate of £4.99 (usual cost £7.99). The cost of the plan will depend on the speed. The first is called Brilliant Broadband (£18 per month) at an average of 11MBPS. This is a standard entry-level speed but streaming and watching box set you’ll probably need something a little faster.

Fab Fibre is the next step up at 36MBPS (£25 per month), while the fastest available is Super Fibre (£30 per month) at speeds of 63MBPS. Unless you’re playing video games or if you have a big household with large internet usage, the Fab Fibre will probably be quick enough – but Super Fibre will let you surf without care. Every plan comes with a £15 activation fee and a £9.99 delivery fee.

Now TV App: Take your TV on the Go

Now TV Devices

Although they might be a big player, NOW TV operates somewhat like a newer streaming provider in the vein of Netflix and Amazon Prime. This means that access comes simply through an app, which you can load onto your laptop, mobile, tablet or any other device. NOW TV lets you register up to six devices and watch on two at once. Sports fan but don’t want to sign up to a complete deal? You can get a mobile-only Now TV Sky Sports Pass for £5.99 per month.

Do they offer free trials?

NOW TV is one of the few big providers in the UK to offer a free trial. NOW TV has a seven day free trial for all new users. 

Latest TV, Movies, and Sport on Now TV

Don’t miss every bit that’s good on entertainment with Now TV Passes — all with no contract from £9.99/mth. Start now with a 7-day free trial.

How to Contact NOW TV

NOW TV has a relatively extensive range of FAQs on their site which they have as their designated first point of call. After that, they’ve got a live chat function where you can get directly in touch with a representative. NOW TV has also set up a helpful online Community, where other NOW TV users will answer your questions.

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