Chili TV offers - Find the best deals available

Chili TV offers

Chili has since grown into a massive library of TV series and movies. Unlike other streaming services in the UK, Chili TV functions as a pay-per-view service for renting or purchasing shows and films. Hence, there are no monthly subscriptions here. You only pay for what you watch. For many people, this is an ideal set-up, especially if you no longer want to subscribe to any new streaming apps.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Chili UK?

Originating in Italy, Chili has transformed its catalogue of programmes and movies into a significant library of exciting content. Many of the available titles on Chili TV come from the biggest names in entertainment, namely Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Viacom, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

More than a pay-per-view platform, Chili TV also serves as a cinema guide. When the movie you’re searching for isn’t available on the service yet, they’ll guide you to your nearest cinema and even provide you with other information such as your preferred movie’s schedule. Even more fun for film buffs, they sell merchandise for your favourite movie in case you’re interested.

Chili TV pricing

While there are other pay per view streaming services around, Chili does it in a way that’s unique and shows more attention to its customers. Rental or purchase is mostly reasonably priced and there’s no need to subscribe for a monthly plan.

Amazon Prime Video offers a similar option for movies that aren’t yet available in their library, however, you still need the monthly standard subscription in order to avail of such a service. Chili TV doesn’t require it so you can easily control your streaming budget.

As for Chili TV’s pricing, most movies available for purchase on the platform cost from around £2.49 (Promising Young Woman, 20th Century Women, Young Adult and more), with newer releases costing higher as you would expect.

Are there any Chili TV offers?

Chili frequently offers the best deals, with several hit movies available for just 99p for a limited period. Some titles are even available for free rental every now and then, which makes signing up a no-brainer. Simply click the ‘Free’ option on the homepage and you’ll see every free movie you can watch.

You can also check for any Chili discount codes to help you save on your rental or purchases. A new discount code can get you as much as 50% off. For a service that often runs flash sales and provides free movies from time to time, as well as a voucher code for lucky streamers, it’s noteworthy how Chili still offers the best discount around. Another way to save money is to watch up to 3 films, which also gets you 50% off.

What can I watch on Chili TV?

Most latest cinematic releases with the likes of The Northman are available on Chili, which you can access for a fee. You can choose to rent or purchase, although buying a movie is worthwhile since you can rewatch it as many times as you want. The streaming platform is also home to many classic films, so you’ll find hits like North by Northwest and Rio Bravo available for Chili movie rental. You can even download your favourite films on any compatible device and stream offline.

Prefer TV shows? Recent HBO gems like True Detective and Euphoria are available on the website, as well as the acclaimed comedy Veep. Here’s what’s on Chili TV this month.

Chili TV features

Pay for what you only watch

Pay for what you only watch

You save money in the long run because there are no recurring subscriptions you pay for each month. When you rent or buy movies on Chili TV, you only pay for what you use. This is great for those who don’t get to watch a lot of movies or shows, or for those who simply want to have control of their streaming expenses.

Get your purchased movies on DVD of Blu-Ray

Get your purchased movies on DVD or Blu-ray

Even though you can access your account from your smart TV or the Chili app on any compatible streaming or mobile device, which is how most people stream content these days, Chili chooses to go the extra mile by sending you the DVD or Blu-Ray of any film you’ve purchased.

Instant movie guide

Instant movie guide

Chili TV is an all-in-one service because it does so much more than just providing titles for rent or purchase. Acting as an efficient movie guide, Chili Cinema guides you to the nearest cinema when you search for a title that’s not yet available on the service.

Chili TV compatible devices list

The Chili app is compatible on several streaming devices, working on almost all of them. Considering its very reasonable price, the service can be used on more devices than competitors priced at a higher rate. Whatever device you’re using, you can stream Chili TV shows and hundreds of great films on it.

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