hayu UK Review: A dream come true for reality TV fans


Our Verdict


Affordably priced, fast-tracked reality TV from the US for anyone who wants to be right up to the moment with their favourite ongoing shows.

Overall 88%

In the streaming game, providers have tended to throw in everything and more to capture your attention (and your hard-earned cash). hayu has gone the other way, specialising in reality TV and reality TV alone. For an affordable rate, they give you contract-free access to the freshest and best reality shows straight from the grand old US of A.

The Facts

  • Affordable access to the freshest reality shows
  • Free 30-day trial and no contract required
  • Special exclusive content from your favourite reality stars
  • Download shows to watch later

hayu UK Review

Any reality TV fans out there? For some, it’s their little secret while others wear their love for the genre like a badge of honour. And if you are a reality TV fan, there’s no place better to get your fix than streaming TV provider hayu. hayu is an on demand reality TV provider. That might be all they provide, but they do it well. They’ve got more than 6,000 episodes of loads of different reality TV content. Even better, their list of offerings continues to grow by the day.

Get the freshest reality TV in high quality on the same day of its US release – never miss out again!

Fans of reality TV know the genre has less in common with traditional TV and more in common with sport. This means you can’t just catch up later – you want access to the latest episode right now. hayu knows this – they guarantee their viewers get access to the freshest episodes on the same day they’re released in the US. They don’t have unique content in the sense that Netflix UK does – i.e. entire reality shows only available here – but they do have unique snippets and other exclusive packages from your favourite social media stars.

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Min Cost - £4.99

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Min Cost - £14.99

What makes hayu unique?

hayu truly is a unique provider. They offer US reality show content, delivered on the same day it screens in the US. Shows like:

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Don’t Tell the Bride, Made in Chelsea, The Real Housewives, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Mariah’s World, and many others.

Like many of your favourite reality stars, hayu is who they are – and they’re proud of it. They don’t offer any other types of content than reality TV, so fans of drama, sport, movies or other programming won’t find what they’re looking for here. They’re also famous for their American content – which is their absolute focus. In addition to streaming reality TV shows, they’ve also got loads of unique and exclusive clips from reality TV stars, snippets to share and the platform is also integrated with the latest in trending social media.

hayu TV’s offerings

hayu TV is a niche provider giving you one thing and one thing only – reality TV. But while they stick to one genre, they certainly do it well. Even better, as they don’t need to buy rights to a whole bunch of different programming, the cost is much cheaper than most of their competitors. There’s a flat monthly fee for accessing all of their content.

hayu is available on loads of different mobile devices and platforms, including laptops, tablets, smartphones (Android and Apple), as well as most Smart TVs. As of late, it’s not yet available on Playstation, Xbox or Roku. After paying the flat monthly fee, you can access hayu from any one of your devices – although you’ll only be able to watch one device at one time. One further downside is that there’s no option to manually reduce your data usage – i.e. by watching at a lower quality. This might be problematic for users with lower data allowances.

Devices and travelling

Taking your streaming devices with you on holiday has never been easier. Frequent travellers however will have encountered difficulties trying to stream when abroad. Lots of streaming providers will not operate in other countries. Even when your streaming provider operates in your destination country, there’s a chance they won’t have the rights to the same show.

That’s not an issue with hayu for two reasons. In every country that hayu operates – United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg – you’ll be able to watch your favourite programs the same way you can at home. If you’re headed to a country that isn’t on this list, remember you can download your favourite shows to watch them later. The downloaded videos do delete after 30 days though, so if you’re on a long vacation make sure to get watching quickly!

hayu customer service and support

hayu has a relatively comprehensive FAQ section on their site, which includes troubleshooting for billing, technical and other issues. They’ve also got a live chat function, which you can sign into with your Twitter or Facebook profile – or by creating an account. They also have a contact form which you can fill in and they’ll get back to you.

The Good

  • Same day access to freshest US reality shows
  • Download to watch later

The Gotchas

  • Only one screen at a time
  • Cannot manually lower data usage, making it tough on lower data plans

Is hayu for you?

hayu promises to bring you content ‘fresh from the US’ and on that note, they certainly deliver. They’ve realised that holding back a program that has been screened elsewhere just isn’t good enough anymore – so you can get top-quality reality TV as fresh as it gets on UK shores. Of course, their narrow focus means that you’ll need to complement their offerings with other providers, but it also means they’ve given you the best of what’s on offer in reality TV at a great price.

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