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Now TV

An affordable and easy way to get access to Sky’s channels – though if you’re a sports fan, it’s not going to be cheap.

Overall 89%

The premise behind Now TV is simple: cater to the people who want to watch Sky, but who don’t want to sign a long contract. This is Now TV’s model – and it’s working a treat. From day passes to watch a big sporting event, to weekly or monthly passes, everything’s completely up to you.

The Facts

  • Access Sky the way you want – no contract, no obligation
  • Five different packages: kids, reality TV, television, movies and sport
  • Affordable access to hundreds of shows and thousands of episodes
  • Convenient: Include four devices in your plan – and watch on up to two at once

Now TV Review

We’ve all been there before, or at least seen it: the dreaded long-term deal. While it might come with loads of perks and seem exciting, the reality is that you can find yourself bound well into the future. What if you move house? What if you graduate university? What if you just want to watch the big game or get up to date on the TV box set that everyone is talking about, but not pay for anything more?

Now TV is basically Sky for people who don’t want to commit. Get access to the best sport, reality TV, movies, kids programming and TV box sets for as long – or as short – as you like.

What’s the catch? Remarkably there isn’t one. The monthly rate for pretty much every package is quite low, and there are no hidden costs or charges. The Now TV Smart Box lets you integrate your programming with Freeview, making it incredibly convenient. You’re also able to load it up onto four different devices with each plan, and you’re even able to watch up to two screens at once. Customers have been calling out for something like this for years – and Now TV has delivered.

Latest TV, Movies, and Sport on Now TV

Don’t miss every bit that’s good on entertainment with Now TV Passes — all with no contract from £9.99/mth. Start now with a 7-day free trial.

What makes Now TV unique?

In a word? Flexibility. While there are other differences to consider, Now TV is basically Sky TV – but without the need to sign the 18-month contract. For renters, students or just anyone else who doesn’t want to be bound by a long deal, Now TV is a way to get some of the best programming the UK has to offer on a ‘no strings attached’ basis. The channels themselves are also incredibly flexible, as you can pick and choose what you want and don’t want to watch – which also means you don’t have to pay for what you don’t use. Now TV has also improved its offerings over time in relation to bundling. Initially, Sky was preferable if you wanted to combine your TV deal with a phone or broadband package. These days, they both offer bundles in these areas – which is super convenient and will save you money.

Key Now TV Features

  • Free Trial Offer — Start streaming with a 7-day free trial offer
  • No Lock-In Contract — Pay on a month-to-month basis with the option to cancel anytime
  • Stream on Multiple Devices — From small screen to the big screen, stream shows on Now TV across 60 devices
  • Over 300 Box Sets On Demand — Access complete seasons of new shows and award-winning dramas, plus over 1000 movies on demand with new releases every day
  • Mix and Match Packages — Easily combine TV Passes that suit what you want to watch

Now TV’s Plans and Pricing

Gone are the days when paying for TV meant a one-size-fits-all package with some of the stuff you want – along with loads of the stuff you don’t. Now TV has embraced a ‘pick and choose’ mentality, making sure you get what you want – and not what you don’t. Now TV has four packages, which are tailored to different areas of interest. These are the Kids Pass, hayu Pass, Entertainment Pass and the Sky Cinema Pass. Then, there’s the live sport packages. Each is available monthly – while the sports packages are also available daily and weekly – and can be cancelled at any time, while the seven day free trial gives you the chance to taste before you buy.

Kids Entertainment

The Kids Pass has thousands of ad-free children’s shows – including six channels which are not available on Freeview: Boomerang, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and Nicktoons. Better yet, it’s incredibly affordable – for around the cost of two cups of coffee you can have the kids entertained for a month.

Reality TV

The next pass – hayu – is totally not for kids. hayu is a reality TV-focused channel, which gets you all of the hottest US reality shows on the same day they’re screened in the US. There’s also loads of extras, including snippets and exclusive packages from your favourite reality stars. In all the monthly fee – which is around half the cost of a cocktail – gets you access to over 5000 episodes of the best reality TV has to offer.

Drama, Comedy and more

Are you not entertained yet? Then, the Entertainment Pass would surely do it for you. At a reasonable price, you’ll get immediate access to over 300 box sets. The Entertainment Pass comes with a wide variety of cartoons, dramas, comedies and pretty much everything else in series form. There’s also some great UK reality TV shows and comedy news programming.

New and On-demand Movies

Film buff? The Sky Cinema pass gets you over 1000 movies on demand immediately. From new releases to film classics, from box office smash hits to independent films, they’re all available on the Sky Cinema Pass. At just a bit over the cost of an actual movie ticket, the Cinema Pass is great value.

Best of Sky Sport

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Sky-affiliated package without a Sky Sport offering. There are three different sports packages: the Daily Spectator, the Weekly Warrior and the Total Fanatic. They run for a day, a week, and a month respectively, with the latter rolling over on an automatic basis. The sports passes are genuinely expensive, however that’s the reality of modern top-class sport. They’re also a whole lot cheaper than a match ticket – and that’s not even including chips and beer.

Now TV Range of British Content

From sport to films, from TV series to reality TV, Now TV has access to great British content. The Sky Cinema Pass lets you watch new release movies while the Sky Sports pass gets you access to the English Premier League – all on a no contract basis. What could be more British than that?

Sky is a British company – and this comes through in their love of a good deal and of course their sense of humour. In 2019, they ran a promotion, which would let one lucky viewer take a ‘TV sabbatical’ – quitting their job for a year to watch TV, while getting paid £35,000 for the privilege. The company said that the competition was to reward their viewers, many of whom didn’t have enough time to watch all of the quality content available on the platform. Hopefuls were encouraged to post a video or image to Facebook showing why they deserved a TV sabbatical.

What Devices are compatible with Now TV?

Now TV boasts that their app is available on over 60 different devices including tablet computers, laptops, PCs, smartphones, Android devices and games consoles. Older televisions are no longer covered with Now TV, so be sure to check when you sign up.

By signing up, you’ll be able to have four devices connected to your account. Anyone who has experienced the opposite will know how convenient it is to just log on and open up the app on whichever device you are using. Better yet, you can watch up to two devices at once – whether it’s the same program or not.

Now TV has also recently rolled out downloadable on demand content which you can watch offline – just perfect for travelling. Be careful though – only certain devices are suitable for downloading, and downloads will only last for 48 hours, so get in quick. They’ve also got a dedicated roaming section on their site which gives you the down low on whether or not you’ll be able to watch on holiday, depending on the destination country.

Customer service and support

Like most big British providers, Now TV has a live chat function on their website in addition to a pretty extensive list of frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips. Their live chat function is a little different however, as it connects you directly with other Now TV users. This may seem odd, but quite often, it will get you the answer you need by someone who’s gone through it from your side previously.

They’ve also got an online form, which you can fill in and they promise to get back to you. For the disabled or vision impaired, they can alter their modes of correspondence to include phone calls, braille, large print and audio CD.

Now TV: Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Instant, no obligation access to excellent content
  • Download content to watch offline

The Gotchas

  • Sports packages are expensive
  • Relatively short free trial (seven days)

Now TV Summary: Does what it says on the packet

Normally, the kind of flexibility offered by Now TV would require a significant sacrifice – most pertinently an additional cost. With Now TV, this isn’t the case. It’s also incredibly convenient in that you can put it on four devices and watch two at once. Although Sky does come with some perks that Now TV doesn’t have, it’s hard to beat the flexibility of Now TV.

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