TVPlayer App Review: Supercharge your TV experience


Our Verdict


Having access to Freeview TV channels while on the go makes TV Player one to keep around for easy access to your favourite shows.

Overall 85%

TVPlayer combines the best free and premium TV into a convenient, easy-to-use app, which is accessible on pretty much all devices. TVPlayer isn’t a traditional streaming service – although they do have on-demand and catch up options on the Premium service. Instead, they’re more like a supercharged version of your existing TV options, giving you free TV in a top-quality fashion, while also providing the opportunity to upgrade to premium. In effect, they’re the way TV should be.

The Facts

  • Basic (free with adverts) and Premium (no advertising) options
  • Contracted or month-to-month options
  • Access to more than 80 channels on Premium service
  • Convenient: Available on all devices

TVPlayer Streaming App Review

How many of you have upgraded to an expensive Pay TV provider and found yourself back watching free TV? UK viewers are lucky to have some of the most extensive options of Freeview available anywhere in the world, so if you want to upgrade your TV offerings then why not get a TV provider which includes these – as well as loads more?

TVPlayer blends free and Pay TV options into a high definition plan which can be viewed on almost any device. All in all you’ll get access to over 80 channels which includes some of the best entertainment, sport and informative TV viewing available anywhere in the British Isles.

TVPlayer’s Basic plan is available for free, which gets you all UK freeview channels on a handy, easy-to-use app. The Premium plan is actually surprisingly cheap and will get you loads of excellent programming including FoxHD, MTV, Discovery, History, Comedy Central, E! and Universal – and plenty more. Currently you’ll get a month free if you sign up for Premium – with TVPlayer boosting that up to two free months if you sign up for a year.

What makes TVPlayer unique?

Convenience. Put simply, TVPlayer does pretty much what their name suggests they do; they are a one-stop shop for all your free and premium TV channels. There’s also the possibility to catch up or watch shows on demand, meaning that you’ve got the best of both worlds. TVPlayer also lets you record live TV to the cloud, which is excellent if you want to watch something after its screening time and you know that it’s unlikely to be available on demand any time soon. Record up to 50 hours of live TV by simply going into your TV guide and selecting the programs you want recorded. They don’t have unique content like some of their competitors, but with free TV and premium content, they do have one of the more extensive offerings going around.

Initially launching in 2013, TVPlayer has grown fast. The platform now has users from all across the UK. They’ve gone through a few different incarnations in their brief time on the UK TV landscape, but their latest one – which offers you free or premium services – is the most straightforward and easy to use. The paid service is offered on a no-contract basis, which is excellent as you don’t need to commit to long contracts that will bind you well into the future.

TVPlayer’s Plans

TVPlayer has one of the best selections available anywhere in the UK – or indeed anywhere else. There are two different options to choose from with TVPlayer: Basic or Premium. Basic is the free version, which are delivered with advertising. This includes all of the free-to-air TV channels delivered through TVPlayer’s platform. TVPlayer’s Basic plan can be watched on any PC, laptop, phone and tablet devices, as well as smart TVs and other streaming devices – although only one screen at a time can be viewed.

Then there’s TVPlayer Premium. This is the one which not only gives you more than 80 channels, but it unlocks the other special features upon which TVPlayer has built its reputation. Unlike the Basic plan, which only streams in SD, Premium is offered in HD. There is no advertising and you can catch up on TV or watch certain programs on demand.

If you want to take advantage of TVPlayer’s recording option, you’ll need to get the Premium package. Premium is offered monthly or yearly, with the yearly option getting you two months free. If you’d prefer to go for the monthly option, you’ll still get the first month free. While the number of channels has decreased somewhat over the past few years – at one time TVPlayer Premium boasted more than 100 channels – there’s still loads of top-quality content to keep your eyes and ears busy.

UK Content on TVPlayer

TVPlayer has top quality free and premium British offerings, including the best in live sport, reality TV as well as films, TV series and loads more. They have more than 80 free-to-air channels including those from the BBC, ITV along with Channels 4 and 5. There’s also loads of specific broadcasting with a British flavour – from cooking shows to documentaries – so you won’t be short of your local fix with TVPlayer.

Device Compatibility

As TVPlayer is an internet-based platform, you’ll be able to access it on pretty much any device that can contact the internet (and handle top-quality streaming). That means your laptop, computer, phone or tablet will become a TV player when you sign up with TVPlayer. This is great for families or bigger households, as well as people who like to be entertained while they’re on the go (isn’t that all of us?). Signing up to the premium service will give you access while abroad, which is great if you want to kick back and relax while travelling. As with all other streaming platforms, access to certain UK TV channels or programs may be restricted.

TVPlayer customer service and support

TVPlayer has an extensive online customer support platform with loads of valuable information and access to your account and billing details. They’ve also got an online contact form that you can fill out and they’ll get back to you.

TVPlayer Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Affordable access to loads of TV channels
  • Record live TV to the cloud

The Gotchas

  • Less on-demand content than competitors
  • Number of channels decreasing

TVPlayer — Supercharged TV for Cheap

TVPlayer is not a typical streaming service in the mould of Netflix. Instead, they emphasise what’s particularly great about British freeview – while adding some great quality programming and keeping costs low for viewers. If you’re after the exclusive content offered by the big name streaming providers – and if you want to watch primarily on an on-demand basis – then TVPlayer may not be the best option for you. But if you simply want a supercharged version of traditional TV at a reasonable cost – with a bunch of modern improvements – then TVPlayer is a good option.