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Sky Go is available to download for free to Sky customers

Sky TV is one of the most popular television services in the UK, along with Virgin Media, and has a huge wealth of exclusive channels, TV shows and on demand content for viewers to take advantage of.

We’re going to give you a rundown of what Sky Go is, how much it costs and what you get access to when you subscribe to a Sky TV subscription.

What’s in this Guide?

What is Sky TV?

A Sky TV subscription has been a popular go-to for many Brits for years and years now. Sky was the first big paid-for TV box in the UK, launching back in 1998 as Sky Digital, although its predecessor British Satellite Broadcasting had been in operation since 1990.

In the early years, Sky Sports was the big breakthrough for what is now Sky TV, when they acquired the rights to the Premier League over ITV in 1992, and the network hasn’t really looked back since.

The company then moved to a fee-based system, which was the precursor to the launch of Sky Digital in 1998. Since then, Sky has been a mainstay of British TV viewers, consistently revamping and revolutionising their service to stay at the forefront of modern streaming TV.

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Sky Q

Sky Q is the latest Sky TV subscription box that replaced Sky + and Sky + HD, and was released in 2016. The Sky Q box, as of July 2018, was in over 3.6 million homes in the UK and Ireland and by the end of 2019, Sky TV customers numbered over 12 million – making it the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster.

Sky Go

Sky Go is Sky’s online streaming app that allows Sky TV customers the chance to view and stream Sky’s channels on their phone, on the web or any compatible device.

This means that whatever channels they have access to on their Sky Q box, they have access to on up to two devices at a time – making the Sky Go app a great option to watch Sky TV on the go at no extra cost.

The Sky Go app is available on Android and iOS devices, including your mobile phone and tablet, so you can catch Sky’s great range of shows, movies and sports wherever you are.

How much is Sky Go?

If you’re already a Sky TV customer, the Sky Go app is completely free. You simply sign into your account on whichever mobile or tablet device you wish and you gain access to watch Sky TV wherever you are.

You can stream live TV or download your favourite show to your devices using WiFi or mobile data so you can watch them later – a great option for if you’re travelling and won’t have an internet connection.

The cost of a Sky TV subscription varies depending on the kind of channels you’re paying for and what kind of packs you want. A Sky Q package could cost as little as £29.95 per month for the first 18 months of your contract, though it’s worth bearing in mind this will be a lock in contract and the price could go up.

If you want access to watch all the Sky Sports channels and Sky Movies, as well as kids entertainment programmes via Cartoon Network, there are additional costs.

What can I watch on Sky Go?

Sky Go is available on your Android and iOS operating system

Sky Go gives you access to all of your Sky TV Subscription channels, so whatever you pay for in your subscription, you get full access to watch live and on demand content via your chosen mobile or compatible devices.

Sky offer a great range of programmes exclusive to them, as well as regular digital TV channels and apps such as Netflix, Disney Plus and more – though there are separate apps if you want to watch these platforms on your mobile devices.

Here’s what’s available on Sky Go this month.

Sky Sports

Sky customers can watch EPL action on Sky mobile

Sky Sports is where it all began for Sky broadcasting, purchasing the rights to the English Premier League football in the UK. It has held those rights ever since, meaning you can catch all the very best Premier League action on your Sky Go account, live and on demand.

Watching live matches and sports highlights of some of the top sports in the world, including football, rugby league, tennis, Formula One and Golf, has never been easier.

Sky Movies

Get watching Sky Cinema with unprecedented access to movies on the Sky Go

Sky Movie channels – now known as Sky Cinema – is available on your Sky Go account, with a new premiere every week being launched on the service. Sky’s movie channels are categorised, too, with Premiere, Hits, Animation, Family, Comedy, Drama and more all accessible via the app.

Sky Atlantic

Game of Thrones is available to download on Sky Go apps on Android and Apple

Sky Atlantic launched in 2011 and is primarily devoted to broadcasting shows imported from America, holding UK rights to show all HBO content on their service. Massive hit shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and True Detective are all available to watch on demand on the Sky Go app and free to download to your devices.

Sky Arts

MAKING A MARK: Review: Episode 6 of Portrait Artist of the Year 2019

Sky Arts has long been a part of Sky’s core programming channels, and switched to being free to air in 2020, which allowed it to acquire several hit music documentaries such as King Rocker – A Film About Robert Lloyd and The Nightingales not long after they premiered.

Sky Arts has been the home of many other hit shows produced by Sky, such as Portrait Artist of the Year, among others.

Kids shows – watch live and on demand

Download and watch Spongebob Squarepants on Sky Go

Kids shows available to watch live and on catch up features the TV channels Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and more, so have enough content for the whole family with shows like Spongebob Squarepants constantly available.

Sky News and more

Watching Sky News is free for all British TV viewers on free to air TV, and features around the clock coverage of everything happening around the world. Live stream Sky News via Sky Go – all you need is WiFi or mobile data and you can keep up to date no matter where you are.

You can also access Sky Witness through the Sky Go platform, which was formerly known as Sky Living. Sky Witness isn’t available on free to air TV and is an additional channel that features various entertainment programmes on Sky TV.

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