Sky Go

Introducing Sky Go

While it’s brilliant to have a comprehensive range of premium channels at home on your pay TV service of choice, it can be annoying to find yourself away from home, remembering a show you wanted to catch but not able to find anywhere with the access to tune in. As the largest pay TV provider in the UK, Sky TV is all too aware that their customers can’t always be where they want to be when a TV event happens – and nobody wants to be stuck waiting for a bus while the latest episode of Game of Thrones plays on without them!

With the increasing digital cleverness of the platforms that Sky TV runs on, though, it’s become possible to give customers an alternative – a way to watch the Sky channels they’re subscribed to when not at home. Sky Go lets you do just that on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop via an app and web site.

What Makes Sky Go Different?

TV has traditionally been an appointment-based thing, and even today with advanced recording-enabled set top boxes like the Sky Q, there are those times when you just can’t be at home for that appointment. It’s then that you realise there’s something incredibly handy about carrying your pay TV subscription with you in your pocket.

Sky Go works anywhere in the EU, letting you stream the channels in your Sky subscription to your phone, tablet or laptop any time you need to. It works on 3G, 4G and on wi-fi, and if you’re a Sky Mobile customer in the UK you can watch Sky TV on the go without using any of your data limit.

Does Sky Go Stream in High Definition?

In an age where mobile phone and tablet screens can offer a far more detailed picture than your large-screen television at home, it’s good to know that Sky Go can stream HD channels – including all 8 Sky Sports channels and Sky Cinema – in crisp native high definition. You may be watching on an emergency device, but you still deserve 21st-century picture quality!

The Sky Go app auto-adjusts to the available network speed, though – so don’t worry if you’re somewhere remote with a weak 3G mobile signal and a burning desire not to miss Game of Thrones – it’ll work just fine, automatically streaming at a lower resolution until the connection improves.

What About On-Demand Content?

Just like you do on your Sky Q box at home, Sky Go gives you access to the full library of on-demand content for the channels included in your subscription. And that means thousands of hours of premium shows, thousands of movies and much more, all available to stream to your device wherever you are. With some of the most desired content on the planet included – and a new movie premiere available every day with the Sky Cinema pack – there’s a wealth of entertainment on tap for you at no extra cost.

Can You Download Shows and Movies to Watch Later?

Sometimes, there isn’t an easily usable internet connection where you are while out and about – you might not have a big enough data allowance to stream much TV on mobile, and you can’t find a wi-fi network. For those occasions, Sky Go has an extra service – appropriately called Sky Go Extra – that’s available for a small monthly fee (or free of charge if you subscribe to the Sky Q Experience plan for your home TV service). With this service you can also copy your recordings from your Sky Q box to your mobile device to watch while on the go – an incredibly handy option to have around.

Contacting Sky Go Customer Service

If you’ve got any questions about Sky Go and how it works with your Sky TV plan – or have any issues with connecting the apps to your Sky account – get in touch with the Sky customer team on 0333 7591 018. Sky recommends you visit their web site first to see if your questions can be answered without the need to call, especially during busy periods. Calls to Sky customer support are free for Sky Talk customers.

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