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Sky TV is the market leader in the UK since the early 1990s, playing an integral role in the British television landscape. But while they’re the most established provider in the UK TV market, they’re also willing and able to continue innovating and investing in improving your TV experience. 

From having exclusive rights to top-class sporting events and TV series to broadcasting their shows in unbelievably crisp resolution. If there have been innovations in British TV, they’ve almost always come about courtesy of Sky TV. Currently, they’ve got exclusive rights to the most popular football league in the world – the English Premier League – while they’ve also expanded their original television content selection, including the critically acclaimed Chernobyl. The creation of Sky Go – which is free to Sky subscribers – which lets you take Sky’s excellent programming on the road with you.

What does Sky TV offer its customers?

In addition to their excellent television programming – Sky TV offers super-fast broadband and an extensive telephone and mobile network. Their broadband is made for modern usage – which means no data limits no matter which plans you take. Whichever plan you choose will depend on the speed. You have two options to choose from Essential (11 Mbps) and Superfast (59 Mbps). Sky also offers a range of unlimited call plans – both from your home phone and mobile – which can be included as bundles. Sky TV – unlike some of their major competitors – do not require you to take broadband in order to take their TV, although it is a way to save overall. 

Sky TV Packages and Pricing

Most UK Pay-TV users will remember a time when having cable TV meant opting in for a one size fits all package – which usually cost a lot and gave you loads of programming you didn’t need. Fortunately, Sky TV lets you mix and match their deals according to the specific types of programming you like to watch. These packages are Entertainment, Kids, HD, Ultimate On Demand, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

What Plans does Sky TV Offer?

Each Sky TV plan comes with up to £49 set-up fee, and deals run for 18 months. There are over a dozen combinations you can take. Sky TV Entertainment, the entry-level plan, comes in at £22 per month. Entertainment + Sky Cinema HD will cost you £33, with Entertainment + Sky On Demand just one pound more at £34. Sports fan? If you’re just into the Premier League, Sky’s Premier League plan will cost £40 per month on a special pre-season offer. Sky TV Entertainment + Sky Sport costs £45 per month. Entertainment + BT Sport will cost £42 per month.

Bundling with Sky TV

Sky’s bundles are also a great way to save. As with Sky’s TV offerings, you can pick and choose according to what you’re interested in. Perhaps the best deal is the Sky Broadband Essential and Sky Entertainment package, which will set you back £44.50 per month on an 18-month contract. If you want to go faster, for £51.50 per month, you can boost that speed to 59MBPS with Superfast Broadband. This will see you avoid delays or buffering. Both plans involve a £40 connection fee.

Can you bundle phone calls with Sky TV?

What about phone calls? Sky have ‘Anytime Calls’, which includes all your daytime, evening and weekend calls for free. Generally speaking, you’ll need to take these as part of a broader package with broadband and TV. These packages start at £47.00 for the Entertainment TV + Broadband Essential + Anytime Calls package, with prices rising for improvements in internet speed and TV options.

Sky Go: Take your TV on the Go

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Sky TV’s mobile component is the Sky Go app. Sky Go is offered free to all Sky TV customers. It lets you watch pretty much all of your Sky content wherever you are – whether you have Wi-Fi or a data connection. Want to download your favourite programs to watch later? Upgrade to Sky Go Extra for a small monthly fee, and you can watch downloaded programs while offline. You can register up to six devices and watch two at once with Sky Go Extra, or you can stream on one device with Sky Go.

Do they offer free trials?

Sky TV does not offer a free trial. They will however periodically offer deals for new customers that may include daily, weekly or monthly passes – usually aligned with upcoming television events such as new release TV series or sporting events.

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How to Contact Sky TV

According to industry monitor Ofcom, Sky is the least complained about customer service team in the entire UK. That’s excellent news even before you realise that Sky already has around 10 million subscribers in the UK – which means a lot of satisfied customers. Sky has an extensive range of FAQs on its website, which will answer most of the common queries. But if you’d like to get in touch, call them on 0333 7591 018.

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