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Streaming TV in the UK: Compare Services and Get Amazing Deals

Gone are the days when TV viewing was limited to only a handful of stations. The future of television is finally here with streaming dominating and shaping how we consume our favourite TV entertainment.

The advent of the Netflix revolution opened up a new and more convenient way to get your entertainment fix in Great Britain and Ireland. Not only did it open doors for people to get a hold of their favourite shows in a more accessible manner, but it also paved the way for many other streaming providers to step up their game and offer premium content specially customised for their audiences.

The Streaming TV Revolution in the UK

Way before Netflix landed in the United Kingdom back in 2012, there were already existing providers that offered streaming services to audiences in the British Isles. There was BBC iPlayer, All 4 and even Sky was offering it’s services to watch on your favourite device. So streaming certainly isn’t new. However, the choice on offer now, especially in terms of TV Shows and Movies, is nothing in comparison.

Steadily over the past five years, we’ve seen the likes of Amazon, NowTV, hayu, UK TV Play and even Apple jumping in on the action. There are even services available like Roku, where you can watch everything in one place, slowly moving the satellite subscription structure of Sky and Virgin away from the public eye.

Today fans of everything from Freeview TV and Blockbuster Movies to Kids TV and Sport have never had more options when it comes to streaming content online or via Smart TV. It has revolutionised the way we consume out favourite entertainment and allowed us to tailor exactly what we watch and when.

How to Streaming Providers

Given the volume of competition among providers and the availability of better technology, it’s relatively easy to start watching your favourite shows from just about any of the UK’s streaming providers. You don’t have to worry about getting placed on call-waiting just to get a taste of the latest season of Game of Thrones. All you really need is a reliable internet connection and a compatible device to get the job started – and in many instances, you can check out content with a free trial before any type of payment.

Free Trial Offers

Free trial offers are possibly the best way to start your streaming experience with a provider. From Apple and Amazon Prime to hayu and NowTV, users are treated to an all-access pass, albeit within a limited time frame, to all the content that these providers offer. This works particularly well for those who are still on the fence and looking for the most suitable streaming provider to sign up to. Free trial offers are also a good way for audiences to watch original shows and movies that most top providers now offer.

Bundled Subscriptions

Streaming TV and an internet connection work hand in hand and as such, it’s normal that a lot of broadband providers in the UK have started offering bundled subscriptions to make it easier for consumers to access their favourite shows and movies. BT and Virgin are two of the most popular outlets for this, although phone companies like O2 are also starting to jump on board.

Build Your Own Packages

A lot of these streaming providers also offer individual channel packs that allow you to build your own set of content, specially customised to what you want to see. This is a great way to save money and not waste it paying for shows that don’t really appeal to you that much. NowTV and Roku are among the top streaming providers that offer these tailored packs, letting you choose only what you want to watch and what you’re willing to pay for.

Find the Best Provider for You

The top streaming providers in Britain have made it a point to offer distinctive content and services that separate them from one another. That said, just because your neighbour told you that Netflix is the best one around, doesn’t mean it would apply to your own preferences and viewing tastes as well. The key is to find the best provider for what you want to watch. Nailing down the best of the best for you can be done through subscribing to free trials or simply checking out the content they have on our monthly listing pages, which you can easily check online. Want HBO original series and world-class sports? Go for Now TV or Roku. Reality TV? Go for hayu. Not only does this give you the best and most suitable streaming provider, but it also saves you a whole lot of money.

Get the Latest Devices

The progress that streaming TV in the UK has seen in recent years has a lot to do with the newer technologies being used, including the devices that come with it. There’s the launch of the newer versions of Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast Ultra and Amazon Firestick, which all now offer 4K programming. Making use of these devices may seem like an additional cost, but it’s well worth it given how they contribute to a better viewing experience at home.

Download the App

One of the best ways to maximise your streaming subscription is to download the app across all of your devices, which includes your mobile phones and tablets. Having the app with you on your person allows you to get access to all the content you want to stream whenever and wherever – and opens up a whole world of handy entertainment that’s not confined within your home television.

The Top Streaming TV Providers in UK

The one that needs no introduction. With over 100 million subscribers around the world, Netflix is the streaming TV service that’s set the standard. Their vast library of high quality original TV shows (and now movies as well) is worth the price of admission on its own.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the UK, with a broad range of TV Shows, Movies and documentaries. Prime has also recently moved in to live sports, giving customers the option of streaming Premier League football and Rugby Union Internationals. 

Now TV is a streaming service that lets you customise the way you watch Sky content, without a satellite installation or long term contract. Whether you like TV Shows, Movies, Sports or something for the kids, there’s a Pass that will suit your needs.

Hayu is owned by the giant NBC Universal group and is basically wall-to-wall reality TV – it’s the name of hayu’s game. They do it well, offering something for everyone. With a bargain monthly cost of £4.99, it’s a must for everyone who likes to relax with a big dose of exciting reality television.

BBC’s answer to the streaming world is the iPlayer, which is very handy considering all BBC content is Free. It’s the ideal way to catch up on your favourite shows On Demand, and has a little something for just about everybody.

Roku devices are simple to set-up and easy-to-use. They come with a simple remote, and powerful features like Roku Search which makes finding things to watch effortless. As well as all Freeview channels you can access Pay-TV providers like Netflix, Sky Store and Amazon Prime for an added cost.

Google Play gives you the chance to watch and stream specific TV Shows, Movies and Documentaries as and when you want them. There’s no monthly subscription needed, simply pay for what you watch.

Disney+ literally is – virtually everything Disney laid out ready to watch On Demand. From Classic Movies and cartoons to everything Marvel and Star Wars. It is prime streaming for families of all ages.

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