How to Watch A Bold Peace 2016 Online in The UK

Released: 2016

Rated: N/A


Updated: 6th Dec, 2021
Genres: Documentary
Director: Matthew Eddy, Michael Dreiling(co-director)

The cast of A Bold Peace

Pedro Garcia-Caro

What is A Bold Peace about?

Over 60 years ago, Costa Rica became one of the only nations in the world to disband their military and to redirect national resources towards education, health, and the environment. Since then, Costa Rica has earned the number one spot in the Happy Planet Index, a ranking of countries based on measures of environmental protection and the happiness and health of its citizens. "A Bold Peace" juxtaposes the national policy of demilitarization with Costa Rica's investment in education, health, and the environment. Pointed parallels and contrasts are made with recent U.S. debates over the national debt, healthcare, and the escalating cost of U.S. militarism. This documentary brings attention to Costa Rica's inspirational national project, examining the true value of happiness, health, and human rights.

Where to watch A Bold Peace