How to Watch Ballroom Dancer 2011 Online in The UK

Released: 2011

Rated: N/A


Updated: 21st Jun, 2021
Genres: Documentary, Drama
Director: Christian Bonke, Andreas Koefoed

The cast of Ballroom Dancer

Vyacheslav 'Slavik' Kryklyvyy

What is Ballroom Dancer about?

Slavik (34) from Ukraine, former world champion in Latin American dancing is making a last and final comeback with Anna, his ten years younger new dance partner and girlfriend. Slavik is addicted to the limelight and the dance and he misses the rush. These days, however, his aging body is causing him severe pains, and his flaring temper puts his relationship with Anna at risk. The road to reclaiming the championships is a long, tough struggle. Slavikliterally puts everything on the line in his ultimate push for the throne.Failure is not an option, yet failure is so difficult to avoid.

Where to watch Ballroom Dancer