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Released: 5th Sep, 1992

Updated: 15th Aug, 2022

9.0 / 10

Where to watch Batman: The Animated Series

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Episode 1

The Cat and the Claw

Batman meets a new cat burglar named Catwoman; as Bruce Wayne, he meets a woman named Selina Kyle who runs afoul of a terrorist group known as the Red Claw.

22 mins  ·  Sat, 5 Sep 1992

Episode 2

On Leather Wings

Batman is investigated by the police when a bat-like creature begins to terrorise Gotham. The Dark Knight must hunt down the real bad guy in order to clear his name.

22 mins  ·  Sun, 6 Sep 1992

Episode 3

Heart of Ice

Batman must find a way to bring Goth Corp CEO Ferris Boyle to justice before Mr Freeze takes revenge for the death of his wife.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 7 Sep 1992

Episode 4

Feat of Clay

A popular actor has a secret to his craft that involves a chemical which alters his face with no makeup involved.

21 mins  ·  Tue, 8 Sep 1992

Episode 5

Feat of Clay

Clayface locates the man responsible for his mutilated face, and must stop him before he harms anyone else.

21 mins  ·  Wed, 9 Sep 1992

Episode 6

It's Never Too Late

Batman saves one mob boss from assassination by another, and with the help of the gangster's brother, tries to persuade him turn his back on crime.

22 mins  ·  Thu, 10 Sep 1992

Episode 7

Joker's Favor

Charlie Collins has an altercation with the Joker over his bad driving, and the Joker intimidates Collins into doing him a favour.

22 mins  ·  Fri, 11 Sep 1992

Episode 8

The Cat and the Claw

The leader of the Red Claw group steals a viral plague from a military train and holds Gotham hostage with it.

22 mins  ·  Sat, 12 Sep 1992

Episode 9

Pretty Poison

Doctors discover that Harvey Dent has been poisoned when he collapses after a meal with his fiancée and Bruce Wayne.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 14 Sep 1992

Episode 10

Nothing to Fear

Batman tries to prevent the Scarecrow from burning down Gotham University, but is exposed to fear gas and must face his own feelings of guilt over the death of his parents.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 15 Sep 1992

Episode 11

Be a Clown

Mayor Hill turns his son's birthday party into a political gathering; upset, the boy hides in the truck of the clown hired to entertain the party.

22 mins  ·  Wed, 16 Sep 1992

Episode 12

Appointment in Crime Alley

Roland Daggett plans to burn down Crime Alley and use the land to grow his business venture. However, the plan would mean clearing the residents out of their homes or killing them.

22 mins  ·  Thu, 17 Sep 1992

Episode 13


A botched police operation results in the suspension of Officer Wilkes, Officer Montoya, and Detective Bullock.

22 mins  ·  Fri, 18 Sep 1992

Episode 14

The Clock King

The Clock King sets out to get revenge against Mayor Hamilton Hill, whom he blames for losing his job, but Batman gets in the way.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 21 Sep 1992

Episode 15

The Last Laugh

The Joker sprays a cloud of laughing gas over Gotham City, and Batman races to get the antidote before all of Gotham dies smiling.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 22 Sep 1992

Episode 16

Eternal Youth

Bruce and several other rich industrialists receive invitations to the Eternal Youth Health Spa, but guests start to disappear.

22 mins  ·  Wed, 23 Sep 1992

Episode 17


Mobster Rupert Thorne tries to blackmail Harvey Dent, and the resulting confrontation at a chemical plant causes an explosion that badly scars half of Dent's face.

22 mins  ·  Fri, 25 Sep 1992

Episode 18


Harvey Dent starts raiding Rupert Thorne's illegal businesses in preparation for a final showdown with the mob boss, requiring Batman to intervene.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 28 Sep 1992

Episode 19

Fear of Victory

The Scarecrow invents a fear chemical that's activated by adrenaline which he uses to influence athletic events.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 29 Sep 1992

Episode 20

I've Got Batman in My Basement

A little boy rescues Batman and keeps him in his basement after the Penguin sprays Batman with a nerve gas.

22 mins  ·  Wed, 30 Sep 1992

Episode 21


When Detective Bullock is arrested for kidnapping, Batman investigates and discovers the identity of the real criminal.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 5 Oct 1992

Episode 22

Prophecy of Doom

Nostromos tries to convince Bruce's friends that the end of the world is coming, and they should transfer their money into his Brotherhood account.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 6 Oct 1992

Episode 23

The Forgotten

While investigating the disappearances of Gotham's homeless population, Bruce Wayne is kidnapped and imprisoned in a chain gang.

22 mins  ·  Thu, 8 Oct 1992

Episode 24

Mad as a Hatter

After failing to get the girl he wants after she breaks up with her boyfriend, Jervis Tetch decides to seek his revenge as the Mad Hatter.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 12 Oct 1992

Episode 25

The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

Angry with Batman for embarrassing him at a party, Baron Jozek hires Josiah Wormwood to ensnare Batman and steal the Dark Knight's cape and cowl.

22 mins  ·  Wed, 14 Oct 1992

Episode 26

Perchance to Dream

Bruce Wayne wakes up one morning to find that his his life is completely different: his parents are still alive, there's no Batcave, Alfred has no memory of Robin, and he's engaged to Selina Kyle.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 19 Oct 1992

Episode 27

The Underdwellers

Batman traces a string of strange robberies in Gotham back to a group of homeless children, who are doing the bidding of the Sewer King.

22 mins  ·  Wed, 21 Oct 1992

Episode 28

Night of the Ninja

Wayne Enterprises is robbed by a figure known as the Ninja. Batman and Robin discover that the Ninja is an old enemy.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 26 Oct 1992

Episode 29

The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne learns that Dr Hugo Strange has developed a machine that extracts people's secrets from their minds and transfers them to videotape.

22 mins  ·  Thu, 29 Oct 1992

Episode 30

Tyger, Tyger

Selina Kyle is kidnapped by Dr Emile Dorian in his latest attempt to provide his man-cat hybrid with a mate. Batman is forced into a game of cat and mouse with Tygrus.

22 mins  ·  Fri, 30 Oct 1992

Episode 31

Dreams in Darkness

Batman is locked up in Arkham Asylum following exposure to the Scarecrow's fear gas, and learns the Scarecrow plans to poison Gotham's water supply with the same gas.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 3 Nov 1992

Episode 32

Beware the Gray Ghost

Actor Simon Trent is on the verge of bankruptcy, so he decides to sell off all his merchandise. Soon afterwards, a series of robberies related to his old TV show takes place.

22 mins  ·  Wed, 4 Nov 1992

Episode 33

Cat Scratch Fever

When Catwoman is infected with a disease developed by a greedy industrialist, Batman races to find the vaccine and stop the fiendish plot.

22 mins  ·  Thu, 5 Nov 1992

Episode 34

I Am the Night

Batman arrives late to help Commissioner Gordon with a stake-out and finds a gun battle in progress. Gordon is wounded, traumatising Batman.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 9 Nov 1992

Episode 35

Almost Got 'Im

The Joker, Killer Croc, the Penguin, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy meet at a poker table and tell of times they almost defeated Batman.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 10 Nov 1992

Episode 36

Moon of the Wolf

Batman investigates the appearance of a werewolf-like creature in Gotham before realising who the beast actually is.

21 mins  ·  Wed, 11 Nov 1992

Episode 37

Terror in the Sky

Batman suspects that Dr Kirk Langstrom is drinking his Man-Bat formula again when a man-sized bat is spotted ransacking Gotham harbour.

21 mins  ·  Thu, 12 Nov 1992

Episode 38

Christmas With the Joker

The Joker escapes Arkham Asylum and challenges Batman to find him and three kidnapped citizens before midnight.

22 mins  ·  Fri, 13 Nov 1992

Episode 39

Heart of Steel

Karl Rossum is replacing important business figures with robots, one of which Batman unknowingly invites to dinner.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 16 Nov 1992

Episode 40

Heart of Steel

A vicious fight breaks out between Batman and Detective Bullock, during which Bullock is revealed to be an android.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 17 Nov 1992

Episode 41

If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?

Edward Nygma vows revenge on his old company after they refuse to pay him for a popular game he created. Two years later, Nygma becomes a villain.

21 mins  ·  Wed, 18 Nov 1992

Episode 42

Joker's Wild

Cameron Kaiser opens a casino modelled after the Joker, and an enraged Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum bent on destruction.

22 mins  ·  Thu, 19 Nov 1992

Episode 43

His Silicon Soul

When a Batman impersonator appears in Gotham, the real Batman concludes that Karl Rossum must be involved and confronts him.

22 mins  ·  Fri, 20 Nov 1992

Episode 44

Off Balance

While following Count Vertigo, Batman encounters the daughter of the head of the Society of Shadows, who's been sent by her father to stop the capture of a sonic drill stolen by the Count.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 23 Nov 1992

Episode 45

What Is Reality?

Out to prove that he has the superior mind, the Riddler lures Batman into a riddle-solving contest inside a computer game.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 24 Nov 1992

Episode 46

The Laughing Fish

The Joker develops a toxin that mutates fish, then targets innocent people who refuse to copyright his new creation.

22 mins  ·  Sun, 10 Jan 1993

Episode 47

Harley and Ivy

The Joker fires Harley Quinn, so she teams up with Poison Ivy and the two of them become Gotham's Queens of Crime.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 18 Jan 1993

Episode 48

The Mechanic

Thanks to an accident during a high-speed chase, the Batmobile is all but destroyed. The Penguin steals the car when Batman takes it to his personal mechanic.

22 mins  ·  Sun, 24 Jan 1993

Episode 49

The Man Who Killed Batman

When small-time gangster Sidney The Squid Debris apparently kills Batman, he gets involved with all the Gotham gangs, none of whom believe his story.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 1 Feb 1993

Episode 50


When the magician Zatanna is framed for a robbery during her show, Batman jumps to her defence. Zatanna is a little puzzled by the Dark Knight's commitment to proving her innocence.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 2 Feb 1993

Episode 51

Robin's Reckoning

During a fight with some gangsters, Batman and Robin learn their boss' name is Billy Marin, an alias of the man who killed Robin's parents.

22 mins  ·  Sun, 7 Feb 1993

Episode 52

Birds of a Feather

Veronica Vreeland looks for a way to create a splash with her next party and decides to invite the Penguin, who has recently reformed himself.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 8 Feb 1993

Episode 53

Robin's Reckoning

Angered by Batman's deception, Robin sets out to track down Tony Zucco on his own, all the while haunted by memories of his parents' death.

22 mins  ·  Sun, 14 Feb 1993

Episode 54

Blind as a Bat

The Penguin steals a helicopter from an air show, causing an explosion that temporarily blinds Bruce Wayne. Batman knows he can't wait until his vision comes back to hunt the Penguin down.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 22 Feb 1993

Episode 55

Day of the Samurai

Bruce and Alfred head to Japan to help Bruce's sensei find his daughter, who was kidnapped by the power hungry Kyodai Ken.

22 mins  ·  Tue, 23 Feb 1993

Episode 56

See No Evil

Close to losing his daughter to his ex-wife, Lloyd Eddie Ventrix dons an invisibility suit and plans a kidnapping.

22 mins  ·  Wed, 24 Feb 1993

Episode 57

The Demon's Quest

Batman is shocked to find Ra's al Ghul in the Batcave while looking for Robin, who's been abducted. Ra's quickly reveals that his daughter Talia has also been abducted.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 3 May 1993

Episode 58

The Demon's Quest

After releasing Talia from her father's grip and escaping from an avalanche, Batman and Robin follow the only lead they have: the word Orpheus.

21 mins  ·  Tue, 4 May 1993

Episode 59

Read My Lips

Batman discovers that the Ventriloquist and his wooden dummy are responsible for a series of recent crimes.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 10 May 1993

Episode 60

Fire From Olympus

Believing himself to be the reincarnation of Zeus, Maxie Zeus steals an experimental weapon developed by the government that he wants to turn on the people of Gotham City.

22 mins  ·  Mon, 24 May 1993