How to Watch Cat Nation: A Film About Japan's Crazy Cat Culture 2017 Online in The UK

Released: 2017

Rated: TV-Y7


Updated: 22nd Nov, 2021
Genres: Documentary
Director: Tim Delmastro

The cast of Cat Nation: A Film About Japan's Crazy Cat Culture

Chris Broad

What is Cat Nation: A Film About Japan's Crazy Cat Culture about?

Cat fanatics everywhere rejoice. Cat Nation takes viewers on a journey into the unique, often bizarre world of Japanese cat culture. Follow British YouTube personality Chris Broad, as he treks across the land of the rising sun to document numerous unusual cat-centric activities such as cat themed cafes, bars, temples, and even entire cat islands. Discover cats with human jobs, explore cat friendly businesses, and uncover the origins of the iconic beckoning cat statue. Cat Nation - a film about cats. And Japan. And a bewildered British guy. But mostly cats.

Where to watch Cat Nation: A Film About Japan's Crazy Cat Culture

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