How to Watch Club King 2015 Online in The UK

Released: 2015

Rated: N/A


Updated: 26th Jul, 2021
Genres: Action, Comedy, Documentary, Drama
Director: Jon Bush

The cast of Club King

Mario Diaz, Mx Justin Vivian Bond, Nadya Ginsburg, Selene Luna

What is Club King about?

Club Kingpin Mario Diaz has been throwing the hottest, sexiest, funnest parties in the LGBT nightlife scene for over 20 years, from New York to LA. Come with us as we dive deep, go behind the scenes and find out what makes him tick and how he does it.

Where to watch Club King

Streaming on Revry

Revry has been created for a specific purpose and specific market – the LGBTQ+ audience. Users can find the very best of queer content on the platform. One of the first players ever to do so.

Got a question about Revry?

No. Any user can download the app and stream the content. The programming, however focuses exclusively on the queer community.
There is a section of the programming that is free. And there is an on demand section or which users will have to pay.
Many major platforms support the channel, including Rakuten, Plex, Roku, and Samsung smart TVs.


  • An impressive collection of queer shows and movies.
  • Free TV.
  • Popular favourites that focus on the queer community are available.