Movies and TV Shows like Darkness on the Edge of Town (2014)

Browse our definitive list of the best movies or TV series most similar to the 2014 movie Darkness on the Edge of Town starring Brian Gleeson, Olwen Catherine Kelly, Emma Willis, Emma Eliza Regan.

Updated: 27th Jun, 2022

Darkness on the Edge of Town

5.9 / 10

Released: 2014

A troubled teenage sharpshooter decides to avenge the death of her estranged sister after she is found murdered in a public bathroom.

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Edge of Darkness

8.4 / 10

Released: 1985

When his daughter Emma is murdered, cop Craven discovers, that she was in a GAIA group of activists occupied with exposing Northmoor nuclear waste storage facility for illegal activities.

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Edge of Darkness

6.6 / 10

Released: 2010

Thomas Craven is a detective who has spent years working the streets of Boston. When his own daughter is killed outside his own home, Craven soon realizes that her death is only…

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Dying on the Edge

4.4 / 10

Released: 2001

An ex cop turned insurance investigator (John Heard) tries to hold his life together as he investigates the death of a music producer who may have been murdered.

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The True Adventures of Wolfboy

5.7 / 10

Released: 2019

Paul lives an isolated life with his father in upstate New York. He finds making friends impossible due to a rare condition he has known as congenital hypertrichosis - an affliction that…

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The Lawyer

7.0 / 10

Released: 2018–

Frank Nordling is a young and exceptionally promising defense lawyer. When Frank learns the truth behind his parents' death, his whole world unravels. As children, Frank and his sister Sara witnessed their…

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On the Waterfront

8.1 / 10

Released: 1954

Terry Malloy dreams about being a prize fighter, while tending his pigeons and running errands at the docks for Johnny Friendly, the corrupt boss of the dockers union. Terry witnesses a murder…

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6.0 / 10

Released: 1988

Kumar Sinha is a law student and lives a wealthy lifestyle with his dad, Sharad, who is the Public Prosector and a strong advocate of the death penalty, ex-lawyer mom, Savitri, and…

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The Glass Key

7.1 / 10

Released: 1942

During the campaign for reelection, the crooked politician Paul Madvig decides to clean up his past, refusing the support of the gangster Nick Varna and associating to the respectable reformist politician Ralph…

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The Color of Lies

6.8 / 10

Released: 1999

In a small Breton town, a 10-year-old girl is found murdered. René, her art teacher, a professional painter, is the last person to have seen her alive. The inspector in charge of…

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A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne

6.3 / 10

Released: 2009

The movie is based on the true story of beautiful young Australian model Caroline Byrne, who tragically met her death in 1995. She was found at the bottom of the high cliffs…

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