Where to stream Four Lives

Watch Four Lives in the UK

  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Mystery

Seasons: 1

Released: 2022

Updated: 8th Aug, 2022

7.5 / 10

Rated: N/A

Cast: Stephen Merchant, Sheridan Smith, Leanne Best


Where to watch Four Lives

BritBox UK

What is Four Lives about?

Stephen Merchant plays killer Stephen Port, a real-life murderer and serial rapist who was sentenced to life in prison in 2016. Based on extensive research, interviews and published accounts of the harrowing crimes, this gripping drama looks at the devastating impact Port's crimes had on the victims' loved ones.

Which streaming services can you watch Four Lives on

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming services that will show Four Lives in the UK. If Four Lives will appear with other services further down the line, this table will be updated.


  • All 4No
  • Amazon PrimeNo
  • Apple TV+No
  • BBCYes
  • ChiliNo
  • Disney+No
  • iTunesNo
  • ITVNo
  • NetflixNo
  • Now TVNo
  • Sky GoNo

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Streaming on iPlayer

BBC’s answer to the streaming world is the iPlayer, which is very handy considering all BBC content is Free. It’s the ideal way to catch up on your favourite shows On Demand, and has a little something for just about everybody.

Got a question about BBC?

As BBC is a public service they’re duty-bound to cater for all tastes, meaning users can watch everything from Eastenders and Strictly to Match Of The Day and Peppa Pig. There are also tons of wildlife and history documentaries to sink your teeth into
iPlayer is exclusively available in the UK. If you’re travelling abroad you will not be able to access the service as the BBC do not have overseas rights.
iPlayer is definitely broader in terms of content and therefore better for families or those who like a little bit of everything. It could be argued that All 4 have a better selection of modern culture shows and comedy series.


  • It’s free
  • Available on a wide range of devices
  • HD steaming option
  • TV Shows, Movies, Kids TV and Live Sport

Streaming on BritBox UK

The box set is a mega collaboration between two of the biggest entertainment providers in the UK: BBC and ITV. Expect an unlimited access to the very best content available in Britain.

Got a question about BritBox UK?

Yes. As soon as an episode of, say EastEnders, is aired, the content is available for streaming within one hour.
BritBox has arguably the best collection of British shows and movies available online. Thanks to the collaboration between the BBC and ITV.
While SKYGo has its own impressive catalogue for viewers, BritBox perhaps edges all competition with their library and access.


  • An unparalleled access to the best shows and movies.
  • Fans of both BBC and ITV can find their favourite shows here.
  • 7 day free trial.

Good to know

No Four Lives is not available on All 4.
No Four Lives is not available on Amazon Prime.
No Four Lives is not available on Apple TV+.
No Four Lives is not available on BBC.
No Four Lives is not available on Chili.
No Four Lives is not available on Disney+.
No Four Lives is not available on iTunes.
No Four Lives is not available on ITV.
No Four Lives is not available on Netflix.
No Four Lives is not available on Now TV.
No Four Lives is not available on Sky Go.