How to Watch Gumball 3000: LDN 2 NYC 2011 Online in The UK

Released: 2011

Rated: N/A


Updated: 17th Jan, 2022
Genres: Adventure
Director: Maximillion Cooper, Arlen Figgis, Luke Hyams

The cast of Gumball 3000: LDN 2 NYC

Bun B, Maximillion Cooper, Idris Elba, Mike Escamilla

What is Gumball 3000: LDN 2 NYC about?

The 12th annual Gumball 3000 Rally took place over 7 days from London to New York! This film follows the 120 amazing cars travel across two Continents and cover 3000 miles of road trip action. Crowds of over 500,000 cheer the cars off in Central London and continue to line the roads and gas stations of Europe. After the first nights stop in Amsterdam the German Authorities throw a spanner in the works and "BAN" the Gumball cars from driving across Germany! For some reason the Germans can't understand that the event is not a race, and is an entertainment that is celebrated in every other country it goes through! Undeterred, Gumball host Maximillion Cooper organises 12 "double decker" transporters and several "coaches" to ferry the cars and participants across Germany and into Denmark. After a frustrating day of very little driving the Gumballers get back on the road and reach Copenhagen and then Stockholm before being flown in giant cargo planes to North America! From Boston, the route takes drivers into Canada to party in Quebec City and Toronto; and before a quick pit stop at Niagara Falls the rally crosses the finish line in New Yorks Times Square in front of thousands of screaming fans! Driving everything from million dollar Bugatti Veyrons to the A-Team van, when the Gumballers come to town...its time to party!

Where to watch Gumball 3000: LDN 2 NYC

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