How to Watch History Detectives Online in The UK

Seasons: 12

Released: 2003–

Rated: TV-14


Updated: 25th Oct, 2021
Genres: Documentary, History, Mystery
Director: N/A

The cast of History Detectives

Elyse Luray, Tukufu Zuberi, Gwendolyn Wright, Wes Cowan

What is History Detectives about?

Researchers identify how historical significance gathered them into wondering how past events occurred.

Where to watch History Detectives

Streaming on My5

Demand 5 has been rebranded as My5 for the digital age. Users can now watch and stream their favourite shows from the channel online.

Got a question about My5?

Yes. The content is available on selected models from SoNy, LG, and Panasonic.
At the moment, the feature is not available. Users can only stream shows.
While My5 shows have their fan base, the content and library is not as expansive as that of Now TV, which has more shows and movies.


  • All My5 shows on one platform.
  • Ultra HD available.
  • My List feature available.