Movies and TV Shows like Hua Mulan (1997)

Browse our definitive list of the best movies or TV series most similar to the 1997 movie Hua Mulan starring N/A.

Updated: 27th Jun, 2022

Hua Mulan

5.1 / 10

Released: 1997

This animated feature retells the great legend of the Chinese heroine better known as Hua Mulan -the daughter of an ill, bed-ridden General. Hua Mulan will wage several triumphant battles in her…

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Puthiya Niyamam

6.5 / 10

Released: 2016

It's the story of how a housewife from a middle class family gets exploited by so called aliens of the malayalee society, low wage foreign workers, and how she gets her revenge.…

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Butterbean's Café

7.4 / 10

Released: 2018–

Animated series about a fairy and her adventures running a neighborhood café with her friends.

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The Sacred Blacksmith

6.6 / 10

Released: 2009–

The knight Cecily wants to defend the weak, but her lack of skill makes her an unlikely heroine - until the blacksmith Luke comes to her aid, using magic to forge blades…

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King of Thorn

6.4 / 10

Released: 2009

A mysterious virus, nicknamed Medusa, is spreading around Japan, turning its victims into stone. Given the impossibility of finding an immediate cure, the government opts for cryopreserving a select group of patients…

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Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience

4.1 / 10

Released: 2017

A 72 minute theatrical release comprised of previously unreleased episodes and musical interludes of the animated television series featuring stage-show versions of Peppa Pig and her brother George.

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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

6.8 / 10

Released: 2018–

Get to know Barbie and her BFFs -- including next-door neighbor Ken -- in this animated vlog of adventures filmed inside her family's new dreamhouse.

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The Sky Princess

2.7 / 10

Released: 2018

"The Sky Princess" is a CG-animated feature film about an ordinary girl who becomes an African princess with the help of a magical bird. But when the thrill of palace life fades,…

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Mano po 5: Gua ai di (I love you)

4.9 / 10

Released: 2006

A culinary romance set in Binondo, where Chinese traditions are still very much observed, Mano Po 5: Gua Ay Di is a touching story of how a young Chinese woman fights for…

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Everything's Rosie

6.7 / 10

Released: 2010–

Everything's Rosie is an animated TV series for children aged 3 to 6 years. The series follows the adventures of a little girl named Rosie and her friends Will, Holly, Big Bear,…

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The Legend of La Llorona

6.1 / 10

Released: 2011

Based on a famous Mexican legend, a group of kids must stop the ghost of a woman whose guilt over the drowning of her own children leads her to abduct youngsters who…

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Take Out Girl

5.4 / 10

Released: 2020

Tera Wong delivers Chinese food for her mother's struggling restaurant located in the "Low Bottoms," an infamous south Los Angeles neighborhood. Everyone around her, including her unpredictable brother (Saren), are financially trapped…

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