Where to stream Kaos

Watch Kaos 1984 in the UK

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Romance

Released: 1984

Updated: 16th May, 2022

7.8 / 10

Rated: R

Director: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani

Cast: Margarita Lozano, Orazio Torrisi, Carlo Cartier

Where to watch Kaos


What is Kaos about?

The film consists of four stories plus epilogue, set in 19th-century Sicily. THE OTHER SON - A mother spends her life waiting for news from her two sons (emigrated to America) while ignoring her third, because he is the reincarnation of the bandit who raped her. MOON SICKNESS - a newly-wed peasant girl discovers that her husband goes mad every full moon. She arranges for a male friend to protect her, but they end up in bed together just as the moon emerges from behind a cloud. THE JAR - a rich landowner hires a master craftsman to repair a giant olive jar, but the craftsman gets trapped inside. REQUIEM - villagers band together in an attempt to force their landlord to let them bury their dead. CONVERSATIONS WITH MOTHER - the writer Luigi Pirandello talks with his aged mother about a story he always wanted to write, but which he never managed to capture in words.

Which streaming providers can you watch Kaos on

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming providers that will show Kaos in the UK. If Kaos will appear with other providers further down the line, this table will be updated.


  • All 4No
  • Amazon PrimeNo
  • Apple TV+No
  • BBCNo
  • ChiliNo
  • Disney+No
  • iTunesYes
  • ITVNo
  • NetflixNo
  • Now TVNo
  • Sky GoNo

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Good to know

No Kaos is not available on All 4.
No Kaos is not available on Amazon Prime.
No Kaos is not available on Apple TV+.
No Kaos is not available on BBC.
No Kaos is not available on Chili.
No Kaos is not available on Disney+.
No Kaos is not available on ITV.
No Kaos is not available on Netflix.
No Kaos is not available on Now TV.
No Kaos is not available on Sky Go.