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Watch Kept Husbands 1931 in the UK

  • Drama
  • Romance

Released: 1931

Updated: 4th Jul, 2022

5.9 / 10

Rated: Passed

Director: Lloyd Bacon

Cast: Dorothy Mackaill, Joel McCrea, Ned Sparks, Mary Carr

Where to watch Kept Husbands

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What is Kept Husbands about?

Blue collar steelworker Richard Brunton (McCrea) saves two of his fellow workers after an accident at a factory. In gratitude, his boss, millionaire Arthur Parker invites Richard for dinner with his family. Arthur's daughter Dot (Mackaill) is instantly impressed and infatuated with Richard She vows to marry him within a month.She does but Richard's seeming good luck is short-lived when he discovers how spoiled and selfish Dot really is, draining his finances dry in her greed, and he becomes Dot's "kept husband." Richard eventually convinces her to settle down and be happy on his humble salary.

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