How to Watch Littekens 2014 Online in The UK

Released: 2014

Rated: PG


Updated: 16th May, 2022
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Martin Beek, Patrick Huiberts

The cast of Littekens

André Dashorst, Kimberley Dekker, Chantal Demming

What is Littekens about?

Suzanne is a donor child. When she is little, her mother already makes it clear that she doesn't have a father and is conceived in a test tube. The little girl has no idea what that means. Suzanne's mother is an alcoholic who makes a living in the local nightlife. In no uncertain terms the young girl is repeatedly made to understand that she is a burden to her mother. Suzanne grows up a latchkey kid with a lot of responsibilities, uncertainties and fears. Her only confidant is her grandfather. At the age of eighteen, the subject "father" is still a hot item for Suzanne and considered a taboo by her mother. Suzanne is very much aware of the fact, that her mother has multiple and wide-ranging variations on the subject of how she was conceived. Eventually, in an emotional talk with her grandfather, the old man unravels bit by bit the truth about the identity of Suzanne's father. Suzanne is so angry with her mother that she leaves the house after a huge row, embarking on a journey to find her father. The only information she has about her father is written on the back of a Christmas card. An address in eastern Europe, 500 miles from home. It does indeed take 500 miles and two days of traveling for Suzanne to learn why this whole undertaking is such a bad idea...

Where to watch Littekens

Littekens Trailer

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