How to Watch My World Is Upside Down (Moj Narobe Svet) 2016 Online in The UK

Released: 2016

Rated: N/A


Updated: 6th Dec, 2021
Genres: Documentary
Director: Petra Seliskar

The cast of My World Is Upside Down (Moj Narobe Svet)

Fran Milcnski Jezek

What is My World Is Upside Down (Moj Narobe Svet) about?

My World Is Upside Down' is a music documentary film about Jezek, a legendary Slovenian artist. It is a combination of live performances by the world's leading alternative musicians performing Jezek's songs and amazing archive material of his own artistic output, from the 1960s to the 1980s. Jezek was a popular actor, timeless writer, unique performer; he even had audience as a prisoner, a person who always lived on the edge, a poet, and above all, master of songs. As poor as a church mouse, like many artists of his stature, Jezek combined irony and comedy to scratch the surface of reality, being always on the side of the "ordinary man". "We comedians are not the kind of people who have a flat on Mount Olympus, a weekend cottage on Parnassus, or the other way around. Our place is at the foot of the slope, where ordinary people are grinding their way through the pressures of everyday life," he used to say. The world that he describes has not changed much in 30 years, it is still upside down and we get to know it through the musical journey that goes from a "one man band" classical guitar player to a sixty-piece orchestra performance, to an underground rock band from Australia; from an Italian crooner through the experimental accordion sounds of Finland; from Macedonian hard-core punk through magical Arabic - Gipsy lyricism and American avant-guarde, to the soft, gentle music of Lisbon's best known female voice Teresa Selguero. This film creates a feeling of unconventional beauty that frees from schemes. You breathe in some fresh air and feel like going to the theatre, to an exhibition or a street performance, it almost makes you feel hungry for art as if you had forgotten that we are all made for art and that our soul and spiritual dimension needs art as one's body needs food and water. It's like a revelation. The film tries to explain how difficult and pure it is to make art.

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