How to Watch Paris 1919: Un traité pour la paix 2009 Online in The UK

Released: 2009

Rated: N/A


Updated: 12th Apr, 2021
Genres: Documentary, Drama, History
Director: Paul Cowan

The cast of Paris 1919: Un traité pour la paix

David Lowe, Paul Bandey, Yan Brian, Jean-Gabriel Nordmann

What is Paris 1919: Un traité pour la paix about?

Using archival footage and dramatic re-enactments, this documentary deals with the immediate aftermath of the 1918 armistice that brought World War I to an end. From January to July 1919, the Paris Peace Conference dealt not only with issues related to Germany but with the thorny issue of national boundaries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. From this conference emerged Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia; the annexation of parts of Germany by other countries; the creation of Iraq; and the transfer of German colonies in Africa and China to new colonial masters. It also led to the creation of the League of Nations, championed by President Woodrow Wilson but which the US never joined. When they finally dealt with the issue of war reparations, they imposed a payments schedule on Germany that many believe provided the underpinnings of World War II.

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