How to Watch Pianosequenza 2005 Online in The UK

Released: 2005

Rated: N/A


Updated: 16th May, 2022
Genres: Drama
Director: Louis Nero

The cast of Pianosequenza

Daniele Savoca, Mauro Avogadro, Giorgia Cardaci

What is Pianosequenza about?

"Pianosequenza"is a bet and together a provocation. A feature film turned in digital way that expect no operation of editing, an only long breath that remains attached to the characters without break, it capturing with the agility of the moving camera every minimum jump, every detail, every variation in the expressive band and in the physical action of the actor. "Pianosequenza" wants play with time and take possession of it. The real time, Not the sham time, perceived time , and it's the rarity, in the same way for the actor and for the audience. The theme of "Pianosequenza" born from a reflection on fate and destiny. Bunuel asserted that he was fascinated from as, events very important, , come for a connection of fates. "Pianosequenza" has in the connection his main engine. In fact, the plot expects , ten characters and it describes the connections , leaving that the audience can question himself on a eventual possibility of a meeting, of a exchange of cue, of a small way, or if all of these was really a ineluctable destiny. "Pianosequenza" is a film based on the uncommunicable. Not much are the cues of the characters, , only the thing seems to have the depth thanks at the voices- off and at the monologue to the camera. The real expression is pointed on the character taken in his singleness, it dissolve itself as soon as it meet a different creature. INFO,

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