How to Watch Shin shirayuki hime densetsu Prétear Online in The UK

Seasons: N/A

Released: 2001–2004

Rated: N/A


Updated: 20th Sep, 2021
Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Director: N/A

The cast of Shin shirayuki hime densetsu Prétear

Greg Ayres

What is Shin shirayuki hime densetsu Prétear about?

"Pretear" is about a 16 year old girl named Himeno who soon finds out she can become Pretear with the help of the Leafe Knights because of the power that lies within her. Her father, Kaoru, has recently married Natsue Awayuki, who owns just about everything in town. Before the marriage, Himeno and her father were very poor. Now they live in a huge mansion with their new family, several servants, and maids. To top everything off, Himeno becomes Pretear and constantly fights evil with the Leafe Knights. She learns the Princess of Disaster is her and the world's greatest enemy. Himeno is the only hope to save the world now. At this rate, Himeno finds herself in the middle of a magical world she never knew. Now rich, has friends, a new family, these newly discovered powers, and even a love interest. What more could a girl want to be happy, right?...

Where to watch Shin shirayuki hime densetsu Prétear

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