Movies and TV Shows like Sam and Elvis (2018)

Browse our definitive list of the best movies or TV series most similar to the 2018 movie Sam and Elvis starring Dean Napolitano, Heather Rhea, Pete Penuel, Marcela Griebler.

Updated: 27th Jun, 2022

Sam and Elvis

6.4 / 10

Released: 2018

An orphaned teenager and her oddball aunt must learn to live together and become family.

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Moo Moo and the Three Witches

3.7 / 10

Released: 2015

Family of witches turn a mean orphaned girl into a cat to teach her a lesson.

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This Is Our Christmas

3.3 / 10

Released: 2018

The Foxworth family decide to spend the Christmas holiday with their aunt Maggy, only to find her beloved bakery is under threat. It's up to the family to band together, save the…

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Sam & Cat

5.7 / 10

Released: 2013–2020

Sam Puckett has been touring the West Coast by motorcycle, and stops in Los Angeles. She witnesses Cat Valentine being thrown into the back of a garbage truck, and rescues her. They…

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The Pebble and the Penguin

5.7 / 10

Released: 1995

He must present his special pebble to her before the pebble festival is over, or lose his chance forever. He just manages to pluck up the nerve, when the evil Drake knocks…

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The Secret Garden

7.1 / 10

Released: 1975–

In 19th-century India, little Mary Lennox is suddenly orphaned by cholera. Her only living relative is her crook-backed uncle, Archibald Craven, so Mary is sent to live at his estate on the...

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Ramona and Beezus

6.5 / 10

Released: 2010

Ramona Quimby, is a grade-school student with a big imagination. So big, in fact, that she often clashes with her no-nonsense teacher Mrs. Meacham. When Ramona's upbeat dad Robert loses his job,…

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5.2 / 10

Released: 2017

DUB and CHARLOTTE were orphaned as young children after watching their parents get killed. AUNT WENDY took them in and raised them as their own but her boyfriend taught Dub the drug…

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Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

5.9 / 10

Released: 2006

Franklin shares many good times with his Granny, but when she takes ill, he's determined to help her. He hears the story from his Aunt Lucy of a talisman that may help…

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6.0 / 10

Released: 2019

A pampered dog named Trouble must learn to live in the real world, while trying to escape from his former owner's greedy children.

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Color Me You

5.4 / 10

Released: 2017

Kat Abernathy must live up to her family name by attending law school and working for her family practice, until she is challenged to create a second identity for herself in order…

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Ivan & Abraham

6.8 / 10

Released: 1993

In 1930s Poland, it was traditional for some Christian boys to live for a time with Jewish families in order to learn a trade from Jewish craftsmen. For this reason, Ivan has…

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