How to Watch Shining Moon 2015 Online in The UK

Released: 2015

Rated: N/A


Updated: 21st Jun, 2021
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Director: Gustavo Letelier

The cast of Shining Moon

Pablo Sotomayor Prat, Ricardo Herrera, Maximiliano Meneses

What is Shining Moon about?

A story of artistic passion, love & redemption against all odds. A colourful, hilarious and poignant journey into the heart of LGBT Latino culture: Renato and Ivan are two gay actors in the middle of a crisis in their longtime love relationship, surviving to make theater. Suddenly they have the opportunity to make the leading roles in a film based on a play about two elderly drags, Luna and Ana. The challenge will require the best of their talent and they will find the reward ofunexpected changes in their lives. A fearless dramedy that will refresh your soul with just a bit of glamour and gold lame.

Where to watch Shining Moon